CCMA Greenbrief August 13: Federal Tariffs Impact CA Cannabis Industry… Cannabis-Infused Wine Introduced in Sonoma… VA’s Cannabis Research On PTSD Stalled By DEA…

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Denver Mayor Praises Cannabis Industry Same Day As Illicit Grow Raids


“Our nation’s need for meaningful, federally sanctioned research is critical. Research and medical communities should have access to research-grade materials to answer questions around marijuana’s efficacy and potential impacts, both positive and adverse.”
Senators In A Letter To Attorney General Jeff Sessions On Federal Cannabis Research
“There’s no question that tariffs will raise the price of those products, which producers and importers will try to pass on. If the duties go into place in September, prices could be higher in a month.”
Dan Ikenson, Director Of The Herbert A. Stiefel Center For Trade Policy Studies, On The Trade War Affecting Cannabis Devices 

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Legal Weed: California Lawmakers Leave Many Marijuana Policies In Suspense (CA – Cannabis Legislation) (August 10, 2018) California lawmakers returned from summer recess to a busy week of committee hearings. Seventeen cannabis bills had hearings in Sacramento for the week ending Friday, August 10, 2018. We’ve broken down the status of each bill and what steps are to follow.


Marijuana On The Midterms: Where Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) Stands On Cannabis Legalization (CA – Cannabis Policy)

Civilized (August 10, 2018) As November’s Congressional midterm elections approach, you may be wondering where Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) stands on cannabis legalization. In short, Feinstein’s position on cannabis legislation has evolved over her long tenure in the United States Congress; she has come from opposing the 1996 ballot measure to legalize medical marijuana and the 2016 measure to legalize recreational cannabis to seemingly embrace both in recent years. Sen. Feinstein became the first woman elected as Mayor of San Francisco, California, from 1978 to 1988, after the assassination of Mayor George Moscone. She was elected to the U.S. Senate in California’s 1992 special election, becoming (alongside the election of Sen. Barbara Boxer) one of the state’s first female Senators. Feinstein, at 84, is the chamber’s oldest member.


Viticulture Briefs: Sonoma Winery Introduces Cannabis-Infused Wine (CA – Cannabusiness)

The Press Democrat (August 12, 2018) Rebel Coast Winery of Sonoma has introduced a non-alcoholic wine infused with THC, the principal psychoactive chemical in cannabis. The winery’s sauvignon blanc is infused with 20 milligrams of THC, which equals 5 mg per glass. It also will be touted as a low-calorie drink at 35 calories per glass. Licensed dispensaries in California will be the only retail outlets that will sell the wine, priced at $60 per bottle.


Trump Tariffs Set To Hit Cannabis Industry (USA – Cannabis Products)

Forbes (August 12, 2018) It’s more than soybean farmers and car makers who could feel the effects of Donald Trump’s tariffs on Chinese products. The legal cannabis industry will take a hit as well. Vaping devices, and batteries, filters and cartridges created for vaping devices are all subject to the new tariffs said Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Co-CEO of The Blinc Group. His company develops and sells technologies and products related to vaping and other ancillary cannabis products, and runs an incubator program that helps develop, research, and brand technology related to cannabis and nicotine vaping.


What A Trade War Means For Your Marijuana (USA – Cannabis Industry)

CNBC (August 13, 2018) If a full-blown, tit-for-tat U.S.-China trade war erupts, a slew of consumer goods could be subject to as much as 25 percent in tax. On the hit list: imported, Chinese-made vaping devices. That could have far-reaching consequences for the vaporizer industry, as well as the booming cannabis industry, which has been growing like a weed, so to speak. Currently, nine states plus the District of Columbia allow recreational marijuana use, and 30 states and D.C. permit some form of medical marijuana, which is used to treat cancer patients and those with chronic pain or PTSD, among other ailments. 


5 Reasons Why Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Are Essential In The Cannabis Industry Business (USA – Cannabusiness)

Entrepreneur (August 13, 2018) The cannabis sector is one of America’s fastest growing industries. Thirty states have passed medical marijuana laws, and nine of those allow adult use. Nearly two-thirds of Americans support legalization. Despite the influx of consumer interest and cash, people of color are increasingly being left out of the green rush. American attitudes about cannabis have transformed in a generation, yet echoes of the nation’s failed War on Drugs, implemented in the 1970s by President Richard Nixon and catapulted into a feverish storm during the Ronald Reagan Era, remain. That federal call to action prompted all law enforcement to target people of color.


Can Article V Federally Legalize Cannabis? (USA – Legalization)

Forbes (August 12, 2018) As the fight for country-wide marijuana legalization gains momentum, lawyers have come up with some innovative ideas for challenging prohibition, such as the landmark Washington V Sessions case, which incubated at a Cannabis Bar Association meeting.  Another engaging idea – Article V – was floated by intellectual property attorney, Ms. Karen Bernstein, on behalf of one of her law students, at the Cannabis Law Summit, which took place at the law offices of Duane Morris, LLP.


How The DEA Is Jeopardizing Marijuana-Related PTSD Studies On Veterans (USA – Cannabis Research)

The Fresh Toast (August 10, 2018) Marijuana researchers need marijuana to conduct their research. That sentiment might seem obvious, but don’t tell the Drug Enforcement Agency. Back in the final months of Barack Obama’s presidency, the DEA announced it would license more growers to supply marijuana for scientific research. More than two years have passed, and scientists are still waiting on the DEA to issue those licenses.


Workplace Deaths Drop After States Legalize Medical Marijuana (USA – Cannabis Legalization)

Marijuana Moment (August 10m 2018) Workers appear to be safer in states that have legalized medical marijuana, according to a new study. The research, scheduled to be published in the International Journal of Drug Policy in October, is the first of its kind to explore the relationship between medical cannabis laws and workplace fatalities. Analyzing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics from 1992 to 2015, a team of researchers found that workplace deaths declined by about 34 percent five years after a state legalized medical cannabis. The trend was most pronounced among workers between the ages of 25 and 44.


Why GW Pharma Stock Has Stalled And 12 Stories From New Cannabis Ventures (USA – Cannabis Investments)

New Cannabis Ventures (August 12, 2018) GW Pharma made history earlier this summer gaining FDA approval of Epidiolex, the first pharmaceutical derived from cannabis to hit that milestone, yet its stock has sold off since the approval, extending its correction from the all-time highs the stock had hit in advance of the approval this week before bouncing after the earnings call Wednesday. GWPH is up only 2% in 2018 despite the FDA approval, lagging the overall biotech market, as measured by the S&P Biotech ETF.


PODCAST: Cannabis & Main: ‘Terpenes Are What Drive The Therapeutic Benefits Of Cannabis’ (USA – Medicinal Cannabis)

Civilized (August 13, 2018) In the latest episode of Civilized’s new podcast ‘Cannabis & Main,’ host Ricardo Baca spoke with JJ O’Brien – Vice President of PAX Era, one of the top cannabis vaporizers on the market today. Ricardo and JJ discussed the importance of user experience, cannabis tech and the PAX Era’s goal of letting consumers fine-tune their seshes down to the precise temperature they prefer for vaping.


Denver Mayor Champions Legal Weed On The Same Day As Black Market Fed Raids (CO – Illicit Market)

Merry Jane (August 13, 2018) When Colorado rolled out America’s first recreational cannabis market in 2014, Denver took the challenge on head first. Almost immediately, the Mile High City became the country’s premier green rush town, with more than 1,100 legal marijuana businesses, including almost 500 dispensaries, now headquartered in the Centennial State capital. But as Denver’s cannabis industry continues to grow, the city and its surrounding municipalities have also attracted its fare share of black market bud, as illicit growers and distributors use the legal market to camouflage their out-of-state trafficking.