CCMA Greenbrief February 25th: CA Bill Proposes To Keep 7K Temporary Cultivation Licensees Open, Giving CDFA More Time To Issue Annuals...Cannabis Biomass Hinders CA's Environmental Goals...Tribe Opens Dispensary in Former Casino... | CCMA

CCMA Greenbrief February 25th: CA Bill Proposes To Keep 7K Temporary Cultivation Licensees Open, Giving CDFA More Time To Issue Annuals…Cannabis Biomass Hinders CA’s Environmental Goals…Tribe Opens Dispensary in Former Casino…

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Monday, February 25, 2019

Senator Mike McGuire (D-Healdsburg), Representative For Many North San Francisco Cannabis Farmers, Introduced Senate Bill 67 Which Would Help Keep Cannabis Farms Open As They Wait For Their Permanent Licenses


“If California runs out of regulated cannabis, consumers will turn to the unregulated market, making it even more difficult for the few remaining licensed cannabis businesses to eke out a living.”
Omar Figueroa, Industry Expert And Cannabis Attorney, On The CDFA’s Issuance Of Nine Annual Cannabis Farm Licenses, With Nearly 7,000 Temporary Licenses Set To Expire
“The world’s largest legal cannabis industry is on the verge of collapse.”
Lauren Mendelsohn, Associate At Figueroa’s Law Office, On The CDFA’s Shortage Of Cultivation Licenses

Uh Oh, California Could Run Out Of Legal Cannabis By Summer (CA – Cannabis Sales)

Leafly (February 25, 2019) The supply of legal cannabis in California promises to start drying up by spring, unless a quick fix becomes law. On Tuesday, Feb. 19, the California legislature published Senate Bill 67, to keep cannabis farms open as they await permanent licensing. There’s no shortage of unlicensed cannabis inside California, of course. It’s the legal cannabis system that may run dry.


Cannabis May Hinder California’s Environmental Goals (CA – Cannabis Industry)

U.S. News (February 25, 2019) California’s recycling department is tackling the state’s organic waste buildup in landfills one food scrap, tree branch and cannabis leaf at a time. Since cannabis waste – including leaves, trim, stalks, stems and root balls – was confirmed as organic instead of hazardous waste in the state’s recently approved industry regulations, cannabis greens are a component of California’s organic waste pileup – and subject to the state’s efforts since 2014 to cut its volume in landfills by 50 percent by 2020 and 75 percent by 2025.


California Cannabis Businesses Are Still Banned, Despite Legalization (CA – Cannabusiness)

CBD Testers (February 24, 2019) Although cannabis has been legal in California for quite some time, the Golden State still has a long way to go in terms of canna-business regulations. Out of those few areas that do actually allow cannabis companies, many have imposed strict limitations on what type of business they’re willing to work with. For example, many cities don’t allow dispensaries but are willing to provide permits to testing labs. Other local jurisdictions allow medical cannabis businesses but not recreational ones.


CalCannabis Responds To Representation Issue (CA – Cannabusiness)

Green Market Report (February 25, 2019) Approximately thirteen months ago, we discovered that agencies in California that regulate the cannabis industry did not have a procedure for representation of applicants and licensees by counsel or other qualified representatives. We would encourage the Regulators to consider the promulgation of guidelines for the qualification and conduct of representatives.


California: High Taxes And Potconomics (CA – Cannabis Market)

Pot Network (February 24, 2019) California’s strategy of heavily taxing cannabis is backfiring. California’s results should send a signal to other states like New Jersey, New York, and Michigan. Each of these states is seeking ways to bring cannabis to economically weak areas while promising a windfall from the cannabis boom. But if taxes are too high, politicians will become familiar with something economists call price elasticity: the degree to which demand is impacted by a change in price.


Tribe Dips Toes Into Pot Trade With Dispensary At Former Casino (CA – Tribal Cannabis)

Daily Republic (February 24, 2019) The Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel opened a marijuana dispensary inside what once was the tribe’s casino off California 79 south of Lake Henshaw last month. Other local tribes are expected to follow suit, potentially setting up a confrontation with county officials, who have banned the operations in the unincorporated areas, though they have no control over the reservations.


Santa Rosa City Council To Decide Fate Of Three Controversial Cannabis Stores (CA – Cannabusiness)

KRSO (February 25, 2019) The Santa Rosa City Council is set to decide on the fate and location of three controversial cannabis stores. Tomorrow’s council meeting will include a public hearing on proposed stores already approved by the council to be located on Sonoma Avenue, Yolanda Avenue and Maxwell Court.


Klobuchar Backs Legalizing Marijuana (USA – Presidential Candidates)

The Hill (February 23, 2019) Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), a 2020 presidential candidate, said Friday that she supports legalizing marijuana. Klobuchar had been mum about her stance on the issue before she released a statement to The Washington Post as part of a round-up of presidential candidates’ views on the matter.


What’s Trump Really Going To Do About Marijuana? (USA – Cannabis Industry)

Fox Business (February 24, 2019) In 2015, when running for president, Donald Trump was asked about Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana. “I think it’s bad,” he said at the time, “and I feel strongly about it.” So far in his term, President Trump hasn’t been very clear about his intentions regarding marijuana legalization. His recent signing of a federal spending bill raised the question of what he’s really going to do about marijuana.


Four Key Principles To Thrive In A New Cannabis Marketplace (USA – Cannabis Market)

Forbes (February 25, 2019) Thirty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis in some form, whether for recreational or medical use, and many others elected pro-cannabis governors in last year’s midterm elections, meaning that another big leap forward may happen as soon as this year. There are several key principles that potential cannabis entrepreneurs will want to consider as they prepare to open their doors, join the Green Rush, and thrive.


Ex-Lion Calvin Johnson Joins Long List Of Former Athletes Entering Medical Marijuana Field (USA – Cannabis Industry)

USA Today (February 23, 2019) Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson has received Michigan Licensing Board preliminary approval to start a medical marijuana business in suburban Detroit. Johnson is planning a medical marijuana dispensary, a grow operation and processing facility in Webberville, operating under the name of Michigan Community Collective.


Meet The Creator Of The World’s First Beer Brewed From Cannabis (USA – Cannabis Products)

Civilized (February 25, 2019) If you’ve been following the news you’ve likely noticed a number of big beer companies jumping into the cannabis space. Anyone can make an “infused beverage” or infuse a non-alcoholic beer, according to Dooma Wendschuh, CEO and co-founder of Province Brands, a cannabis beverage company based out of Canada. Their unique, patent-pending technology can brew a beer from the cannabis plant itself, which is something they were told was unachievable.


What’s In A Name? When It Comes To Cannabis, The Terminology Has Its Own Regional Flair (USA – Cannabis Names)

The Growth Op (February 25, 2019) That time-consuming pursuit is thanks to there being so many different labels, some of which have likely been forgotten by now. Many of the names for cannabis are regional, some are rooted in spirituality or cultural customs, others come from a place of derision and are tinged with negativity, and still others were created by cannabis consumers who wanted a way to be discreet about their usage.

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