CCMA Greenbrief July 11: Cannabis Crimes Falling Quickly In CA…Cannabis Stock Markets Starting To Look Legit…Is Genetically Modified Cannabis In Our Near Future?…

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Vets Are Beginning Clinical Trials Of Cannabis Treatments For Pets

“Any person who uses it should consult with their own doctors and we know there should be further study on it. But I have yet to hear from a parent who has said that it hasn’t been helpful for their children with autism to treat things like seizure reduction, anxiety and depression.”
Scott Badesch, CEO Of The Autism Society Of America, On Cannabis Benefits
“What’s happening right now with marijuana reminds me of tobacco at the end of World War II. There was an explosion in its use, but little science to let people know what we were dealing with.”
Dr. Joseph A Califano III, Director Of UC San Diego’s Head & Neck Cancer Center, On Cannabis Research
Prop. 64 Didn’t Legalize Every Cannabis Crime, But Arrests Are Falling Fast (CA – Cannabis Offenses)
The Mercury News (July 11, 2018) Yes, you can still get busted for some cannabis-related offenses in California. But now that recreational use is legal, the number of such arrests is dropping quickly. Those are two takeaways from a crime report issued this week by California Attorney General Xavier Bacerra. The data showed a huge drop in marijuana-related arrests last year, with all such arrests falling by 56 percent and felony arrests down 74 percent. Overall, from 2016 to 2017, the number of people in California facing possible incarceration, hefty legal fees and criminal records as a result of cannabis crimes fell by nearly 8,000.
Advisory Meeting Faces Anger Over Cannabis Rollout (CA – Cannabis Regulations)
The Leaf Online (July 10, 2018) When the California Cannabis Advisory Committee meets in San Diego on July 19 to discuss implementation of the new regulations, it can expect to face heated disappointment in the wake of NIMBY roadblocks and the BCC’s testing and labeling deadlines and requirements that led to the destruction of potentially millions of dollars of product.
New Regulations Mean Empty Shelves at California’s Marijuana Dispensaries (CA – Cannabis Industry)
Fox 40 Sacramento (July 9, 2018) Some marijuana dispensaries are struggling to serve their customers after state testing regulations kicked in on July 1. That’s when all cannabis products were required to be tested for pesticides and molds. The lack of testing facilities has caused a shortage. In addition, new child-proof packaging and other requirements are adding to the unavailability of cannabis products.
Is It Time To Invest In Marijuana Stocks? (USA – Cannabis Industry)
Motley Fool (July 11, 2018) There’s a bigger buzz about the marijuana industry than ever before. Thanks to a recent vote in Oklahoma, 30 states now have laws in place that broadly allow the legal use of medical marijuana. Nine states plus the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana, with Michigan potentially joining their ranks pending a vote on the issue in November.
As Big Companies Go Public, Cannabis Stock Markets Get Legit (USA – Cannabis Industry)
Leafly (July 10, 2018) After watching the publicly-traded cannabis stocks for more than five years now, I am extremely excited about some big changes that are taking place. Years ago I often referred to the sector as a “Wild West,” with very few companies that inspired confidence as viable entities. For the most part, there were shady penny-stock operators masquerading as cannabis companies, with no revenue and not even a real business.
Cannabis Research For Veterinary Patients Advancing, Cautiously (USA – Cannabis Research)
American Veterinary Medical Foundation (July 11, 2018) More than half the country has legalized marijuana use in one form or another. The decriminalization movement that started with California in 1996, when it was the first to establish a medical marijuana program, has given birth to a legally ambiguous cannabis market with a projected value of $25 billion by 2025.Despite the dramatic shift in public opinion and state policies over the past two decades, little conclusive evidence exists concerning the short- and long-term health effects of a drug that, according to one nationwide survey, was used by 22.2 million Americans during a 30-day period in 2014.
Coming Soon To A Lab Near You? Genetically Modified Cannabis (USA – Cannabis Testing)
Nature (July 10, 2018) Legal hurdles to exploring marijuana’s medicinal properties might soon fall in the wake of the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) first approval of a cannabis-derived drug. On 25 June, the FDA announced its approval of Epidiolex — a treatment for epileptic seizures that is based on a cannabis compound called cannabidiol (CBD). The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has until 24 September to re-classify Epidiolex so that it’s legal for doctors across the country to prescribe it.
‘We Don’t Know If Marijuana Can Stop Or Cure Cancer,’ Doctor Warns (USA – Medicinal Cannabis)
Civilized (July 10, 2018) There’s no shortage of misinformation on the internet, and medical marijuana isn’t immune to it. That’s why a California-based doctor is warning patients to be wary of webpages claiming that cannabis can cure cancer. And there are a number of reasons for this. First, it can be hard to slow the spread of misinformation once it starts spreading because people are free to say whatever they want – whether it’s true or not. Additionally, cannabis research is difficult to conduct in the US.
Issues To Watch Out For In GW Pharma (USA – Medicinal Cannabis)
Seeking Alpha (July 9, 2018) There has been much publicity about the success of GW Pharmaceutical (GWPH) in getting “epidiolex” approved for childhood epilepsies. This was a key moment for the company and for cannabinoids in general. The next few months will though be key for the direction of the stock price. Cannabis is a Schedule 1 drug in the USA. The approval of “epidiolex” shows that the scheduling of cannabis as having no medicinal benefit is inherently contradictory. This is further backed up by the millions of people who currently get medical benefits from cannabis oil and other derivatives.
Autism, 10 Other Conditions Now Qualify Patients For Medical Marijuana (USA – Cannabis Benefits)
Detroit Free Press (July 9, 2018) The state on Monday added 11 medical conditions, including autism, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease and Tourette’s syndrome, to the list of ailments that could qualify a person for a medical marijuana card. The list, approved by Shelly Edgerton, director of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, now features 22 ailments that will allow a doctor to recommend a medical marijuana card for a patient. A doctor must approve a person for a card. The state charges a patient $60 for a medical marijuana card.
Before Heading To Canada To Buy Weed, Read This (Canada – Cannabis Legalization)
My San Antonio (July 10, 2018) This fall, United States citizens will have the option to travel to Canada for a ‘Weedcation’ to buy legal recreational marijuana (provided they’re 19 years old and have a passport). But before you head north you should do some homework. Sure cannabis will be legal across Canada starting on October 17, but there will be different rules in different provinces, and possibly even different rules in cities within the same province.