CCMA Greenbrief March 4th: CA Licensing Backlog Band-Aide Bill Advances...BCC Accepting Equity Applications...Hawaii Fails Adult Use Again... | CCMA

CCMA Greenbrief March 4th: CA Licensing Backlog Band-Aide Bill Advances…BCC Accepting Equity Applications…Hawaii Fails Adult Use Again…

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Monday, March 4, 2019

Hawaii Senate Majority Leader J. Kalani English’s Marijuana Legalization Bill Has Failed Again After 15 Years Of Attempts


“It is a matter of economic justice. There are opportunities for investment, for employment and for microbusiness. Last but not least, it is a matter of political justice.”
Senior Pastor Anthony Trufant Of The Emmanuel Baptist Church On Cannabis Social Equity Programs
“We have many folks in the cannabis industry who have worked hard to comply with new rules and requirements, and we have, from the start, experienced some growing pains as state and local governments have also worked hard to get their processes running smoothly.”
California Assemblymember Jim Wood, Co-Author Of SB 67, Which Creates A Short-Term Solution To The More Than 10,000 Temporary Cultivation Licenses That Are Set To Expire In 2019

California Begins Taking Cannabis Social Equity Grant Apps From Cities, Counties (CA – Cannabis Grants) 

Marijuana Business Daily (March 1, 2019) California state marijuana regulators announced Friday they are accepting grant applications from cities and counties that are implementing social equity programs for local cannabis businesses. To date, at least four cities in California have established social equity programs: Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento and San Francisco. 


Competing Cannabis Companies Duke It Out for California Trademark Rights (CA – Cannabis Trademark)

KQED News (March 1, 2019) Harvest’s two San Francisco dispensaries boast sleek wooden cabinetry, understated signage and crisp-looking packaging emblazoned with the company’s sunburst logo. In the next couple of weeks, the boutique Bay Area marijuana company is going to court to defend its rights to all of that fancy branding — in particular, its name and logo — against an Arizona-based competitor.


North Coast Legislators Introduce Bill To Extend Cannabis Temporary Licenses While Farmers Come Into Compliance (CA – Cannabis Legislation)

Lake County News (February 28, 2019) There are an estimated 10,000 temporary licenses expiring in 2019 – 23 today alone will go from legal to illicit, at no fault of their own. This is the worst way to transition a multibillion dollar agricultural market – which employs tens of thousands of Californians. Without legal licenses, there isn’t a legal, regulated market in California.


Trump Administration Wants More Input On Marijuana Rescheduling (USA – Cannabis Classification)

Forbes (March 1, 2019) Last month, the World Health Organization (WHO) formally recommended that cannabis and its derivatives be rescheduled under international drug treaties. Now, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants “interested persons to submit comments on the notifications from the United Nations concerning these drug substances.”


Justice Department Urged To Take “Immediate Action” On Marijuana Grow Applications (USA – Cannabis Licensing)

NORML (March 1, 2019) The American Psychological Association is urging US Attorney General William Barr to review more than two-dozen pending applications for federal marijuana grow licenses. The longstanding federal prohibition on privately licensed cannabis producers exists despite a 2007 ruling by the DEA’s own administrative law judge striking down the ban as not “in the public interest.” Although that ruling ordered DEA to lift the ban, the agency failed to do so.


This Black Church Hosted A Cannabis Summit To Address Business Opportunities In Legal Marijuana Industry (USA – Cannabusiness)

NBC News (March 3, 2019) There is an urgent need for black Americans to inform themselves of the business opportunities surrounding cannabis. Black communities in New York have been convening on how the business and politics of the cannabis industry will impact them, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushes to legalize recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21 by the end of 2019.


Higher Education: Colleges Add Cannabis To The Curriculum (USA – Cannabis Education)

NBC 25 News (March 4, 2019) As a green gold rush in legal marijuana and its non-drug cousin hemp spreads across North America, a growing number of colleges are adding cannabis to the curriculum to prepare graduates for careers cultivating, researching, analyzing and marketing the herb.


Cannabis Exposure Not Associated With Changes In Brain Morphology Per Study (USA – Cannabis Health)

Weed News (March 3, 2019) Cannabis exposure is not associated with significant changes in brain morphology in either older or younger subjects, according to a pair of newly published studies. nvestigators reported: “There were no significant differences by cannabis group in global or regional brain volumes, cortical thickness, or gray matter density, and no significant group by age interactions were found.”


Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Marijuana Stocks (USA – Cannabis Investments)

The Motley Fool (March 4, 2019) Are you interested in investing in marijuana stocks but don’t know the best way to get started? This beginner’s guide to investing in marijuana stocks will address the important things that you need to know, from the basics of the marijuana industry to the risks involved with investing in marijuana stocks.


Hawaii Fails to Legalize Adult Use Cannabis Again (HI – Cannabis Legalization)

Forbes (March 4, 2019) Hopes that Hawaii is finally ready to legalize adult use marijuana like their counterparts in California and eleven other states are once again dashed. “On Friday, a legalization bill that made it farther in the legislative process than previous efforts died when lawmakers failed to consider it in time for a deadline,” according to the Associated Press.


PODCAST; This Is How The Canadian Cannabis Market Is Working Out So Far (Canada – Cannabis Economy)

Bloomberg (March 4, 2019) In mid-October last year, recreational cannabis became legal in Canada. Of course, there are all kinds of complications with any attempt to introduce such a new market. On this week’s episode, we speak to Craig Wiggins, a member of a trio of analysts known as the Cannalysts, who have become the top experts in the space, about how the market has evolved in the early months.

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