CCMA Greenbrief November 27th: With Blue Wave, Federal Banking Fix Could Be in Striking Distance…Canada Struggles With National Shortage After Legalization…SF Beings Education Campaign Aimed at Youth…

CCMA Political  greenBrief

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Autumn Shelton Converted Cut-Flower Greenhouses To Cannabis In Santa Barbara, Which Is Also Home To California’s Biggest Cannabis Cultivator, Central Coast Agriculture


“I doubt we will see the green-sky scenario of federal legalization, given the divided Congress and the inherent incrementalism of this issue. But a banking fix is clearly in striking distance for the next Congress.”
Isaac Boltansky, A Compass Point Analyst, On Cannabis Banking In The U.S.
“There’s no question: Cannabis prohibition will end. If we fail to act swiftly, I fear as the 2020 election approaches, Donald Trump will claim credit for our work in an effort to shore up support — especially from young voters.”
House. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) Said in A Memo Containing A Timeline On Legislation That Would Feed Into A Package Of Cannabis Reform Bills

Educational Cannabis Campaign Targets Youth (CA – Cannabis Education)

SFGate (November 26, 2018) An educational campaign aimed at youth, to dispel myths about cannabis use and warn of risks, was announced today by the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Developed with the help of middle and high school students, the “Truth or Nah” multilingual campaign will appear on Muni bus ads, a website and posters and several locations throughout the city.


Why Santa Barbara’s Idyllic Wine Country Embraced Cannabis Farms (CA – Cannabis Cultivation)

Leafly (November 24, 2018) California’s biggest licensed cannabis grower isn’t located in the Emerald Triangle, the state’s world-renowned farming region. Nor are they in the Coachella Valley, where massive indoor farms have popped up over the past year. Central Coast Agriculture, California’s single-largest licensed cannabis cultivator, is located in Santa Barbara County. Yes, snooty Santa Barbara.


Davis Cannabis Town Hall Addresses Community Concerns (CA – Cannabis Community)

The Aggie (November 27, 2018) A “Davis Cannabis Town Hall” was hosted on Nov. 8 at the Veteran’s Memorial Theater to discuss the growing presence of cannabis in the community. Around 140 residents were in attendance and six speakers covered a variety of issues. UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services partnered with the City of Davis to organize the event, taking initiative to educate Davis residents and students about this increasingly relevant topic.


Lompoc City Council Votes To Issue Authorization Letters For All Local Cannabis Applicants (CA – Cannabusiness)

KEYT 3 (November 26, 2018) Despite state legalization almost a year ago, cannabis business owners in Lompoc are scrambling to meet a deadline with a very narrow window of opportunity. In a move that could streamline the process for local marijuana shops, the Lompoc City Council held an emergency meeting Monday to help expedite the process.


Bankers’ Pot Push Gets Boost From Blue Wave, Sessions Ouster (USA – Cannabis Banking)

Politico (November 27, 2018) Banks haven’t been able to cash in on marijuana money, but there’s new momentum to change that with Democrats about to take charge of the House. With anti-pot Attorney General Jeff Sessions gone and even more states legalizing weed, bankers who have grown increasingly frustrated by legal restrictions on the cannabis business are working with Democrats and Republicans to change laws curtailing transactions that deal with marijuana.


The Entourage Effect: Is It A Legitimate Theory Worth Marketing By Cannabis Companies? (USA – Cannabis Marketing)

Marijuana Business Daily (November 27, 2018) Many marijuana and terpene enthusiasts believe the unique effects of individual plants are the result of different cannabinoids – most notably THC – working in concert with other cannabinoids and terpenes. They call it the “entourage effect,” and some cannabis businesses have increasingly paid attention to it as a unique way to market and sell products.


Why Don’t More Pot Stocks List On The NYSE Or Nasdaq? (USA – Cannabis Investments)

The Motley Fool (November 27, 2018) The marijuana industry has been absolutely kicking butt and taking names since the beginning of 2016. With the cannabis industry maturing and proving to be a viable and investable industry, the companies themselves are moving on to the next phase of their development. In many instances, we’re seeing spending that focuses on brand building, marketing, international expansion, and acquisitions.


South Korea Becomes First Country In East Asia To Legalize Medical Marijuana (South Korea – Medicinal Cannabis)

Marijuana Business Daily (November 26, 2018) South Korea became the first country in East Asia to legalize medical cannabis, marking a significant milestone in the global industry and a potential turning point in how the drug is perceived in traditionally conservative societies. To receive medical cannabis, patients would be required to apply to the Korea Orphan Drug Center, a government body established to facilitate patient access to rare medicines in the country.


Canada’s Struggle To Supply Legal Weed Described As ‘National Shortage’ That Could Last Months (Canada – Cannabis Sales)

Market Watch (November 27, 2018) After more than a month of legal recreational marijuana sales in Canada, provinces say stores are still having trouble procuring enough pot from producers that have built large valuations on promises of selling tons of the drug. The pot companies found fault with the government-run wholesale buyers as they reported earnings earlier this month.


Aurora Cannabis Ships Medical Cannabis To The Czech Republic (World – Cannabis Exports)

Proactive Investors (November 27, 2018) Aurora Cannabis Inc. announced Tuesday that it had secured an export permit and completed its first shipment of medical cannabis to the Czech Republic. Under the Czech medical program, patients are allowed up to 180 grams of dry flower product a month, as prescribed by specialized doctors. The medical program was launched in 2013.


New Jersey Lawmakers Advance Bill To Legalize Cannabis (NJ – Legalization)

Leafly (November 26, 2018) New Jersey lawmakers advanced a measure Monday to legalize cannabis after a roughly four-hour hearing that included dozens of opponents and proponents. New Jersey would join 10 other states and the District of Columbia if it legalizes recreational cannabis. New Jersey lawmakers have held previous hearings on legalization, but Monday’s was the first that resulted with legislators voting to advance the legislation.