Jozee and D’Angelo “Cricket” Roberto

Jozee and D’Angelo “Cricket” Roberto

Board Members

Jozee and D’Angelo (Cricket) Roberto officially founded Naturally Mystic Organics in 2014, a medical cannabis company specializing in CBD tinctures and topicals, based on their 25+ years of study in herbalism.

Jozee and Cricket joined forces with Melissa Etheridge and her wife, Linda Wallem, in 2018 to create Etheridge Botanicals, a health and wellness cannabis legacy brand based in Santa Cruz County. Together they offer the knowledge of ancient herbal traditions paired with dedicated advocacy work on behalf of cannabis consumers and environmental sustainability.

Etheridge Botanicals symbolizes integrity, compassion, and health and well-being as a “Way of Life”, a journey into being. The cannabis industry was built by those who lived through prohibition; Emerging from the California cannabis movement, Jozee and Cricket carry on this heritage.