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November 25, 2022

Issue 233: We breakdown the CRC meeting. NJBAC is here to help, lessons from California, plus much more!

Jubilation overshadowed any disappointment at the Galloping Hills Golf Club in Kenilworth yesterday, after the CRC approved 297 additional conditional licenses, 10 conversion applications to annual licenses and eight annual licenses.

April 25, 2017

Broad Coalition Praises Brown Administration’s Approach to Cannabis Regulation

A broad coalition that includes cannabis farmers, manufacturers, workers, patients and law enforcement organizations today announced unified support for the Brown Administration’s proposed framework for cannabis regulation contained in a “budget trailer bill” released last week.

April 23, 2017

The Future of Cannabis in California Can Be Craft

Guest post by Amanda Reiman,Secretary of the International Cannabis Farmers Association and Head of Community Relations, Flow Kana and Kenny Morrison, CEO, VCC and President, California Cannabis Manufacturers Association Wine clubs, microbreweries, farmer’s markets, are all opportunities for companies to interact with their consumers. Knowledge about where food and other products come from and the impact that their creation has on the environment is becoming increasingly important to the public. Fair trade labels, organic production and small craft production is important to the public and is beginning to enter the discourse around cannabis.

April 18, 2017

California Cannabis Farmers Insist on Driving Their Own Trucks; Here’s Why

The California craft beer industry is worth upwards of $7 billion, and with approximately 750 breweries, the state is home to more brew operations than any other in the country. Now, the Golden State’s cannabis contingent is hoping to follow suit, with many industry leaders emphasizing the importance–and frankly, rights to–self-distribution.

April 6, 2017

California cannabis industry lauds governor’s ‘pro-business’ proposals

California marijuana businesses apparently have an ally in the governor’s mansion.Many in the cannabis industry are applauding a series of overhaul proposals issued Tuesday by Gov. Jerry Brown for his state’s regulatory system, which will begin overseeing cannabis businesses in January.The proposed changes are expected to cut regulatory red tape and bolster MJ companies’ bottom lines.

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April 5, 2017

CCMA: Working to improve, protect and ‘humanize’ California’s legal cannabis industry

America’s legal cannabis sector sometimes appears to be dealing with an ever-evolving set of rules, regulations and industry challenges. On the West Coast, for example, there’s a growing dispute brewing between legal marijuana industries and some union organizations. And there are concerns this dispute could end up hindering a business sector that’s looking to normalize and expand under extraordinary conditions.

April 2017

CA Cannabis Industry Responds to Governor’s Vision of the Future

Merging some of the nation’s oldest medical marijuana laws with a new recreational future is no small task, this week saw the California cannabis industry hit Sacramento to give their thoughts on what the union of the two landscapes will look like.

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