Why Join CCMA?

Political Representation

Cannabis is on the verge of being the next Great American Industry, but we face an uphill battle. Lawmakers from all over the country, not just legalized states, are responsible for creating Cannabis policy.  Without strong Cannabis Industry representation and lobbying, California Cannabis Manufacturers will be subject to regulations set up by politicians who don’t necessarily have a good understanding of Cannabis, how beneficial it can be for patients, and how responsibly it can be produced and consumed.  CCMA ensures that its members have a voice in the Cannabis conversation in the California legislative process; we will do everything in our power to communicate our positions on policies and the implications they have on our businesses.  There is strength in numbers; make sure your voice is heard and join CCMA today!


Industry Information

The Cannabis Industry has become incredibly fast-paced; with increasing risk factors on the horizon. The market is saturated with products, with new launches and brand closures every day. Additionally, our industry is facing the onset of drastic regulation changes that will force everyone to change the way they operate their business. To remain competitive, Manufacturers and Producers need access to all the latest industry information. Only companies with a keen understanding of trends, where business is going, what appeals to consumers, and how to scale, will thrive.  With your CCMA membership, you will have access to Legislature, access to Board members, data and insights you need to drive your business and ensure you maintain your competitive edge.  Don’t get caught off-guard – give yourself the best business intelligence possible through CCMA!


Industry Recognition

CCMA members are recognized as legitimate performers, with power and influence in California. Our member companies are known by their peers as experts in what they do, as vocal participants in shaping the Cannabis Industry, and as brands and producers that will flourish.  Your CCMA membership gives you access to the best networking and educational events in California, to ensure that you have the right contacts and that your business’s credibility is unparalleled in the eyes of distributors, dispensaries and consumers. Your logo will receive placement on our affiliate page and you will be able to use the CCMA logo on your assets. 



At CCMA, our reputation, and that of our members, is of the utmost importance to us.  It is critical that all members uphold the strict quality standards and ethics for which we are known. We welcome all manufacturers to submit their application, which will be approved upon our review process.



  • Monthly conference call

  • Access to legislature 1:1 for meetings

  • Participation in political fundraising dinners

  • Access to Board Members for networking

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  • Ad on newsletter (5x within 12 months)

  • Logo on affiliate page

  • Ability to use CCMA logo on your business website