Andrea Deveau

Andrea Devreau


Andrea Deveau, based in Sacramento, leads S360’s California operation which includes offices in Sacramento, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. She is a seasoned advocacy veteran with deep experience in energy and technology policy.

Prior to S360, Andrea served as Vice President of State Policy and Politics for TechNet, the leading voice for the innovation economy. During this time, Andrea was responsible for leading TechNet’s 50-state advocacy program and raised the organization’s profile by securing numerous legislative victories on advanced energy, privacy, security, future of work, and education.

Prior to TechNet, Andrea served as the Senior Director of Policy Innovation at Direct Energy for 13 years, where she had multi-state, region, and national responsibilities for local and state government policy development. She also served in the capacity of Board Secretary for the TechNet Executive Committee and in January 2016 and Andrea was appointed to the California Million Women Mentors Honorary Leadership Council.

Starting in 2021 and continuing into 2022, Andrea is a member of the City of Sacramento, Mayor’s Tech Council. In 2022, she also joined the Merit Partners Board as the President.

She has served as a Steering Committee Member for the California Alliance for Competitive Energy Solutions, President of the Alliance for Retail Energy Markets, and as a Board Member of the Arizona Independent System Administrator. In 2012, Andrea received the Western Power Trading Forum’s Kent Wheatland Award in recognition of her efforts in advocating for competitive energy market policy. Ms. Deveau is a graduate of the University of Arizona, earning a Bachelor of Science and Business Administration.