Gavin Kogan

Gavin Kogan

Board Memeber

Gavin Kogan is a well-recognized cannabis industry entrepreneur and thought leader. He has crafted companies, brands and trade associations that have advanced the industry and cannabis policy. He is co-founder and currently the Chairman & CEO of Grupo Flor, a California vertically-integrated cannabis company based in Salinas, CA that is expanding its retail platform (East of Eden Cannabis Co., Flor and WhiteFire) to drive its consumer brands throughout the state.

In his former career, as one of California’s earliest cannabis business attorneys, Gavin helped guide many of California’s earliest cannabis entrepreneurs. He established the Cannabis Law Practice Group at L+G, LLP, a premiere agriculture business firm in Salinas, California., and has been instrumental in transitioning the industry to a regulated market on the Central Coast and throughout California. His creative enthusiasm for start-ups and scaling new businesses for growth is well suited to California’s emerging cannabis industry.

As an entrepreneur, Gavin has been prolific, co-founding numerous cannabis companies, brands and trade groups that showed leadership in areas such as high-quality low-dosage edibles (Altai Brands), branding harvest by-product (LitLZ flower brand), developing Prop 215 era manufacturer–distributorship business structures (Indus Holdings), a fully vertical cannabis supply chain business structure (Grupo Flor), a cannabis production equipment finance fund (Ag Pistil Fund), a Mexican national cannabis goods production enterprise (+Yayail), a Monterey County specific political advocacy group (MCCIA) and a California wide manufacturer specific political advocacy group (CCMA), to name but a few.

He is also an excellent addition to any speaker series or public event surrounding the cannabis industry and it is evident he truly enjoys the opportunity to share observations, experiences, humor and advice for the next generation of cannabis industry pioneers, investors and leaders.