Gavin Kogan

Gavin Kogan


Gavin Kogan is commercial cannabis attorney, political advocate and entrepreneur dedicated to the curious intersection of cultural revolution and business opportunity. His creative enthusiasm for start-ups and scaling new businesses for growth is well suited to California’s emerging cannabis industry.

As one of California’s earliest cannabis business attorneys, he has been involved in the development of many cannabis related endeavors. As an entrepreneur, Gavin has been prolific, co-founding many cannabis enterprises such as Reaper, a powered shears for trimming cannabis, Indus Holding Co., which launched Altai Brands, a low-dosage edibles brand and brought Colorado’s Dixie Elixirs to the California market in 2015.

Presently, Gavin is one of the co-founders of Grupo Flor, a family of companies engaged in cannabis real estate leasing, entrepreneur finance and strategic partnerships throughout the entire cannabis supply chain, from nurseries to dispensaries. Formed as a loose network rather than a centralized business unit, Grupo Flor’s architecture was designed for speed and adaptability in responding to the evolving regulatory landscape.

The projects that most interest Gavin are those that challenge cultural prejudices and show leadership in evolving new ideas and perspectives. To his mind, the cannabis (r)evolution is a once-in-a-lifetime tool for shaping the American culture into a more tolerant and kind society.

Gavin is a member of the California State Bar Association, National Cannabis Industry Attorney’s Association, National & California Cannabis Industry Association and is a founding member of California Cannabis Manufacturer’s Association. He is a frequent speaker on regulatory and consumer safety issues being addressed by the evolving cannabis industry.

Gavin lives in Monterey County, California and is an avid reader, yogi, surfer and general adventurer.