CCMA Greenbrief August 8: CA Schools May See Medicinal Cannabis To Be Administered On School Grounds…How CA’s Cannabis Industry Is Choking Under Pressure…Why Congress May Deny Federal Legalization…

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Senator Jerry Hill’s (D-San Mateo) Bill SB 1127 Will Require That Parents Or Legal Guardians Administer Medical Cannabis To School Children Who Suffer From Various Forms Of Severe Health Issues


“As more students have started using it to address their medical issues, it becomes a larger issue for schools. We see this as a step in trying to provide an accessible education for a child who unfortunately has severe medical issues.”
Erika Hoffman, Legislative Advocate For The California School Board Association, On School’s Allowing Doctor Prescribed Cannabis On School Grounds
“Unlicensed retailers do not have to comply with worker protection laws, test products for pesticides and processing chemicals, or remit taxes. That results in a large pricing benefit.”
Survey Data On The Illicit Market In California By Cannabis Delivery Service Eaze

The Pluses And Minuses Of Allowing Medical Marijuana At School (CA – Medicinal Cannabis)

California Healthline (August 6, 2018) Every day at noon, Karina Garcia drives to her son’s South San Francisco high school to give him a dose of cannabis oil to prevent potentially life-threatening seizures. But she can’t do it on campus. She has to take Jojo, a 19-year-old with severe epilepsy, off school grounds to squirt the drug into his mouth, then bring him back for his special education classes. It doesn’t matter that Jojo has a doctor’s note to take the drug, nor that the medication is legal for both medicinal and recreational purposes in California. Marijuana use is strictly forbidden on school sites because it violates federal law.


Here’s What Is Choking California’s Legal Marijuana Industry (CA – Cannabis Legalization)

Investors (August 8, 2018) In the decades before U.S. states began to legalize recreational marijuana, perhaps you heard a few people argue that if the government just legalized marijuana, then taxed and regulated it, then the government would rake in a ton of money. Legal marijuana, in turn, would would suffocate the illicit market, and people would buy the legal product anyway because weed sells itself. Well, it hasn’t totally panned out that way yet, at least in California, despite recreational legalization in the state this year.


Why Some California Weed Can’t Make the Grade (CA – Cannabis Testing)

Pot Network (August 6, 2018) California’s statewide safety requirements for cannabis which were enacted on July 1 have already resulted in ample amounts of product being pulled from dispensary shelves. As of last week, 20 percent of the marijuana in California failed to meet state standards, though cannabis investors remain optimistic that numbers will improve. In California, cannabis is now scrutinized similarly to the alcohol and food industries, which many agree brings a level of legitimacy to the cannabis industry. In fact, many cannabis companies are using the new regulatory structure to their advantage.


San Rafael Picks 16 Medical Cannabis Licensees (CA – Cannabusiness)

Marin Independent Journal (August 8, 2018) San Rafael officials have selected 16 medical cannabis businesses to be granted licenses to operate within city limits, under a new program — the first to launch in Marin under the new state cannabis regulations. Thirty business operators applied for the San Rafael license at a cost of $3,600 application fee each — non-refundable. Of those, the city is awarding 16 licenses to five delivery companies, eight infused product manufacturers and three distributors. No testing lab licenses will be issued due to lack of qualified applicants.


The Sneaky Reason Congress May Not Want To Legalize Marijuana (USA – National Industry)

The Motley Fool (August 6, 2018) Though we’re only a little over seven months into 2018, this has turned into a banner year for the legal cannabis industry. We’ve witnessed a handful of marijuana stocks up-list from over-the-counter to a reputable U.S. exchange, and seen Vermont become the first state to legalize adult-use marijuana entirely through the legislative process. And, as the true highlight, we have stood in awe as Canada’s Parliament legalized recreational marijuana. When sales begin on Oct. 17, Canada will be the first industrialized nation with authorized adult-use weed sales.


Cannabis Is The New Champion Of Capitalism (USA – Federal Legalization)

Green Market Report (August 6, 2018) The marijuana industry is almost a teen now, maturing as perfectly as an industry could. It took a lot of effort to navigate through the maze of ignorance and finally ring a bell in the ears of the government. Today, more than 50%of the U.S. population backs the recreational legalization and the stigmas are finally corroding away. When it all started, many cannabis businesses found their way around the law, operating in hideouts and in the absence of regulations.


Addiction Treatment In The Era Of Marijuana Legalization (USA – Cannabis Uses)

Open Minds (August 6, 2018) What a difference a few decades make. When I was in college and joined the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, I thought that we wouldn’t see decriminalization of marijuana use in my lifetime. But, in 1996, California became the first state to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Since then medical marijuana has been legalized in a total of 30 states. Recreational marijuana is now legal in nine states and Washington D.C.


Cannabis Goes Universal In This Campaign Showing Pot Users From All Walks Of Life (USA – Cannabis Branding)

Adweek (August 6, 2018) Cannabis retailer MedMen has been fighting stereotypes in its advertising for months now, featuring everyone from white-collar professionals to grandmothers as weed lovers. For a new $4 million campaign breaking Monday, the marketer leans into some Southern California cliches like sand and surf, a Rolls Royce in Beverly Hills, a shirtless weightlifter at Muscle Beach and a hipster with a guitar on the Sunset Strip.


Facebook Is Blocking Pages Mentioning Marijuana From Searches, Including Government Agencies (USA – Shadow Banning)

Civilized (August 6, 2018) Facebook is well-known for not being particularly marijuana-friendly, whether that’s by hiding posts about cannabis or straight up banning accounts associated with it. But now it seems they’ve taken it even further. Several people have found out that Facebook has shadow banned almost all pages related to marijuana. This means that when you search “marijuana” almost no results show up even though there are tons of pages related to it. You can still find these pages if you have know their URL and they still exist, but they won’t show up in search results on the world’s most popular social media website.


What Can The Global Cannabis Industry Expect From Canada’s Extract Market? (Worldwide – Cannabis Market)

Cannabis Business Times (August 6, 2018) With legal adult-use cannabis sales set to launch in Canada this fall, the global industry is watching intently to see what market trends emerge. hen it comes to extraction and extracted products, quality and consistency will be key, according to Joel Sherlock, co-founder and chairman of Vitalis Extraction Technology, a Kelowna-based engineering and manufacturing company that produces industrial supercritical CO2 extraction systems for the cannabis industry. Patients and consumers are starting to desire different consumption methods (aside from flower), and dose control in the medical markets will become more important, Sherlock says.


Lawmakers In U.S. Territory Vote To Legalize Marijuana (U.S. Territory – Recreational Cannabis)

Forbes (August 8, 2018) Legislators in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), a U.S. territory, have approved a bill to legalize marijuana. By a margin of 18 – 1, with one abstention, the CNMI House of Representatives passed the legislation, which would end cannabis prohibition for adults over 21 and create a system of taxed and regulated sales. It would also allow medical marijuana and industrial hemp. In May, the Senate approved a similar marijuana legalization bill. That proposal initially cleared a committee in the House, but its advancement was later brought to a halt in response to procedural concerns that revenue-generating legislation must originate in the House.


Eight-Course Cannabis Dinner To Benefit Parkinson’s Research (CO – Medicinal Cannabis)

Westworld (August 8, 2018) The clinical jury is still out on whether or not medical marijuana is an effective treatment for Parkinson’s disease, but the plant’s help towards research for a cure will be undeniable on August 25 at Invisible City. Chefs John Harry and Clay Inscoe will host their “High-Brow” dinner party at the end of the month to benefit the Parkinson’s Association of the Rockies, using an eight-course meal to demonstrate how terpenes — plant compounds responsible for the smell and taste of cannabis strains — can enhance the aromas and flavors found in food.