CCMA Greenbrief December 17th: Santa Rosa Activists Attempting Push For Cannabis Public Bank…Trump Chief Of Staff Supports Cannabis Reform…Threats Of A Government Shutdown Can Affect Cannabis Industry…

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Monday, December 17, 2018


Shelley Browning, Center, And Her Colleagues Deborah Hammond And Phillip Beard Are Pushing For A Public Bank In The City Of Santa Rosa Which Could Help Bring The Multibillion Dollar Cannabis Industry In CA Into The Mainstream Sector


“From a business opportunity perspective, with industrial hemp now treated like any other agricultural product we expect several key roadblocks that have slowed growth to be removed, namely free access to the federal U.S. banking system, unrestricted interstate commerce, and access to federally backed farm support programs.”

Alexander Salgado, CEO Of Colorado-Based SanSal Wellness, On The US Hemp Industry

“With any news rules, there’s always going to be a period of adjustment that takes place. The cannabis industry in California adapts pretty quickly, and I think that’s what we’re seeing with these lower fail rates in testing. That’s encouraging.”

Alex Traverso, Spokesman For The CA Bureau Of Cannabis Control, On State Cannabis Regulations

How California Can Overcome Its Cannabis Challenges (CA – Cannabis Industry)

Associated Press (December 17, 2018) California’s cannabis industry is projected to reach $5.1 billion by the end of 2019, according to BDS Analytics, but unexpected challenges have slowed progress. These challenges range from excessive regulations to sky-high taxation. Investors looking for opportunities in the state may want to look at companies that are actually working to solve these challenges rather than simply building out a massive cultivation footprint. The biggest challenge in California has been encouraging unlicensed cultivators to meet regulatory requirements and license their businesses.


Higher Percentage Of California Pot Passing Safety Tests (CA – State Regulations)

ABC News (December 16, 2018) A higher percentage of California marijuana products are passing strict safety tests, but the sudden closing of a lab that state authorities found wasn’t correctly checking for pesticides has raised new questions about the system intended to protect the purity and potency of legal cannabis. The state has been facing pressure to revamp testing requirements that have been alternately described as going too far or not far enough. Others say the tests add too much to the cost for consumers, providing another reason for customers to turn to a black market that still flourishes in California.


Public Bank Sought In California By Citizen Activists, Cannabis Growers (CA – Cannabis Banking)

Santa Rosa Press Democrat (December 16, 2018) State lawmakers in Sacramento are expected to grapple over whether a state-owned bank could help bring the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry into the financial mainstream as the sector is still a largely cash business — even almost a year after legalization for recreational use. State Treasurer John Chiang will release a feasibility study very soon on the proposal along with an analysis from the state Attorney General’s Office on the legal challenges that such a bank could face.


California Cannabis Company Caliva Is Poaching Über Drivers And Executives (CA – Cannabusiness)

Forbes (December 16, 2018) California Bay Area Cannabis Company Caliva recently gave early Christmas presents to some hard-working people in the car service industry, in the form of new, full-time jobs with decent benefits. Caliva is also expanding its physical footprint, breaking ground on a second facility in the Bay Area in November, which will necessitate another hiring cycle. Forty additional non-driver positions are forthcoming and being determined.


Emerald Cup Marks New Era For Legalized Cannabis In California (CA – Cannabis Events)

Sonoma Index Tribune (December 17, 2018) The Emerald Cup, Northern California’s pre-eminent marijuana festival and contest, once again drew thousands to Santa Rosa for the annual two-day extravaganza celebrating all marijuana grown under the sun. A combination trade show and pot culture fest, the event is in its fifth year in Santa Rosa after moving south from its roots in northern Mendocino County. This year’s event was the first allowing people without medical marijuana recommendations to consume cannabis at the fair. A sign on a walkway leading toward a series of large tents and event halls read: “Cannabis consumption is all good beyond this point.”


High Hopes For Legal Marijuana Businesses In Chula Vista (CA – Cannabusiness)

KPBS (December 14, 2018) In November, Chula Vista voters approved Measure Q, which opened the door for recreational sales of cannabis in the city. More than 160 people showed up to an informational meeting at Chula Vista City Hall Thursday to hear what the application process for licensees would look like. Chula Vista is allowing up to three retail locations per council district, two of which can be storefront operations. That is in addition to up to 10 cultivation businesses and there is no cap on manufacturing and testing laboratories.


San Benito County Adopts Cannabis Ordinance For Unincorporated Areas (CA – Local Ordinances)

Benito Link (December 14, 2018) Two years after California legalized adult-use cannabis with the passage of Proposition 64, the San Benito County Board of Supervisors finally approved a cannabis business ordinance at their Dec. 11 meeting. The board took steps to allow the San Benito County Sheriff’s Office to conduct background checks for the budding industry. The approval comes after the latest draft went before the San Benito County Planning Commission in November.


Trump’s New White House Chief Of Staff Supports Marijuana Reform (USA – Federal Reform)

Marijuana Moment (December 14, 2018) President Trump announced on Friday that Mick Mulvaney will serve as his acting White House chief of staff, a move that could bode extremely well for federal marijuana reform efforts in 2019. Mulvaney, who currently serves as director of the Office of Management and Budget and acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, was previously a member of the U.S. House, where he consistently voted to support marijuana reform amendments and cosponsored cannabis bills.


A US Government Shutdown Could Impact The Cannabis Industry: Here’s Why (USA – Federal Enforcement) 

Pot Stock News (December 14, 2018) If Donald Trump refuses to sign appropriation bills, the legal cannabis industry is at risk of actions by the federal drug enforcement. That’s because the spending bill rider that has protected medical cannabis programs from federal drug enforcement agencies for the last four years will expire. Federal cannabis enforcement has been raised by the Trump administration on a number of occasions, but a government shutdown is the most promising incident. If Donald Trump decides not to sign, the medical cannabis rider will terminate.


Farm Bill Could Mean Big Bucks, Legalization For Hemp Industry (USA – Hemp Industry)

The Fresno Bee (December 17, 2018) With the expected approval from President Donald Trump, the 2018 Farm Bill could open the doors to making industrial hemp a multibillion dollar crop in the U.S. Tucked inside the Farm Bill are several provisions that clear the way to making industrial hemp a regular agricultural crop. The bill removes it from the list of controlled substances and legalizes its production for the first time since 1937.


How Hemp And The Farm Bill May Change Life As You Know It (USA – Hemp Industry)

Forbes (December 17, 2018) After 81 years, the 2018 Farm Bill represents the largest step towards undoing the racist and scientifically-baseless legacy of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. The 2018 Farm Bill officially reclassifies hemp for commercial uses after decades of statutes and legal enforcement conflating hemp and marijuana, the Farm Bill distinguishes between the two by removing hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, America will have a chance to counter China’s massive influence in the cannabis hemp industry. But it will mean playing catch-up for the foreseeable future.


It’s Time To Remove Cannabis From The Federal Drug Schedules (USA – Cannabis Scheduling)

Forbes (December 17, 2018) A key criterion for Schedule I listing is that a drug has no currently accepted medical use. This runs contrary to the fact that certain states have legalized cannabis for medical use so that physicians can prescribe it for patients suffering from a variety of maladies, including epilepsy, cancer and Parkinson’s Disease. This current research deficit leads regulators to make decisions based on a vacuum of information, and that can cut both for and against medical use advocates. The state and federal government, physicians, and patients need more data and conclusions.


Is The United Nations Finally Coming Around About Cannabis? (World – Cannabis Scheduling)

Forbes (December 17, 2018) At the International Cannabis Policy Conference this month at the UN Headquarters in Vienna, Austria, participants who were hoping for a big reveal regarding potentially rescheduling the legal status of the plant, were sorely disappointed. While UN critics speculate that the organization’s slow response to organizing an in-depth cannabis review is the result of legalization being in direct violation of international drug treaties.