CCMA Greenbrief July 18: How California’s Ban On Hemp-Derived CBD Oil Will Affect The Industry…Cities & Counties Are At The Forefront Of Cannabis Regulations…How Drug Education Is Evolving Across The States…

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

“California is made up of a patchwork of different city and county laws that regulate or ban marijuana businesses. A state license requires local approval so even if a business is lawful under California law it must be in a property that is zoned for that use. In this sense, cannabis ventures have essentially become competitive real estate development projects in many places.”
Attorney Lance Rogers On California’s Newest Cannabis Regulations
“Teens are less and less inclined to believe that cannabis use causes problems, so telling them not to use at all, ever, is just not a realistic message that they will take seriously. The modern approach to prevention should be realistic about the research with cannabis, which shows that using early and often in adolescence is not good for the brain or the body.”
Danielle Ramo, Director Of The Research On Addiction And Digital Interventions Lab At UC San Francisco, On Young Adult Cannabis Education
California Bans Hemp-Derived CBD Oil (CA – CBD Industry)
Cannabis Now (July 17, 2018) Despite the fact it has received little media attention, a recent decision from Sacramento bureaucrats has potentially far-reaching implications for the cannabis industry — and for patients who have come to rely on CBD to treat a wide range of ailments. On July 6, the California Department of Public Health issued a memo making it clear that CBD oil derived from hemp was banned in the state. The memo asserts that CBD oil derived from hemp is not under the purview of the state’s cannabis regulations.
Deep In The Weeds: California Leaves Marijuana Regulation In Hands Of Cities And Counties (CA – State Regulations) (July 17, 2018) Some cannabis businesses are finding it difficult  to know what’s legal and permissible in the patchwork of California’s legal marijuana landscape, giving greater meaning to the “location, location, location” adage. While thousands of licenses have been issued to cannabis businesses since recreational use became legal in January, California’s local governments continue to have the final say over what extent, if any, recreational or medical marijuana operations will be allowed in those areas.
Legalization Inundates California’s Cannabis Labs (CA – Cannabis Testing)
Leafly (July 18, 2018) Cannabis is going from the Dark Ages to Star Trek pretty rapidly these days. Witness California, where on Sunday, July 1, the promise of clean, pesticide-free marijuana became a reality literally overnight. Some dispensary shelves have gone nearly bare this month as brands line up for unprecedented quality control screening. The cannabis that is making it to the shelves—from the likes of Korova and ButterBrand—is going for as much $70 per eighth-ounce right now, and it’s cleaner than California’s food.
What Everybody Dislikes About California Cannabis Card and Why (CA – Medicinal Cannabis)
Newstrack (July 16, 2018) Your physician’s recommendation can help you obtain bud. In case the doctor doesn’t approve you personally, you do not have to cover any commissions. Our doctor is only an individual you can depend on. Online wellness marijuana guidelines If you are looking for a certified bud physician, the specific first thing you ought to do is going to be to examine online for medical practitioners. Other packages if you’re planning to nurture your drug. The precise first thing would be to find the recommendation of your doctor.
Rehab Clinic That Uses Marijuana To Help Kick Addictions No Longer Allows Smoking (CA – Medicinal Cannabis)
Civilized (July 16, 2018) A revolutionary rehab clinic in California that used marijuana to help patients kick their addictions is now adding a new wrinkle to their treatment: they’ll no longer allow people to smoke it. The rehab clinic High Sobriety in Los Angeles recently changed its policy to ban patients from smoking marijuana on their premises. The reason is simple: too much smoke. People complained that it was like “walking into a cloud of smoke.” So to promote a more pleasing environment, the clinic decided to ban smokeable forms of cannabis. 
The Growing California Cannabis Market (CA – State Market)
Marijuana Stocks (July 18, 2018) Their marijuana industry has been rapidly changing over the course of the past several years, but new updates in legislation and the changing public sentiment have all combined to make the market broader than ever. As most eyes have been on Canada given the new bill is known as C-45, or the Cannabis Act, which has effectively legalized the use of recreational cannabis throughout the nation, there is a lot of business going on in their southerly neighbor.
Calaveras Deputies Partner With California National Guard To Crack Down On Illegal Pot (CA – Illicit Market)
The Union Democrat (July 16, 2018) Deputies and state National Guard personnel recently seized more than 26,500 marijuana plants, 1,830 pounds of processed marijuana, 198 pounds of marijuana edibles, and 5.3 pounds of concentrated marijuana in warrant-backed searches at 11 locations in Calaveras County, according to Sheriff’s Office staff. The searches were part of a law enforcement plan called Operation Green Wave, and they took place July 9 through 11. 
Just Saying No To ‘Just Say No’: Drug Education Is Evolving As Marijuana Becomes Legal (USA – Cannabis Education) (July 16, 2018) Before states began legalizing cannabis, most U.S. residents grew up with drug education programs like Drug Abuse resistance Education (DARE), which told kids not to use drugs at any cost and emphasized the risks of marijuana. But where weed is legal, the question of how to address it in health classes has become murkier. A review in the Scientific Research Publishing journal Health found that young adults who smoked before age 20 experienced more health problems that those who started later, even if they’d since stopped.
Is Medical Marijuana Really Legal In Your State? Define Legal. (USA – State Legalization)
LMT Online (July 17, 2018) With the decision this summer by Oklahoma legislators to legalize medical marijuana, 31 states now allow cannabis for medical treatment. But that’s like saying each state has a flag. Sure it’s true, but each one is different. And a closer look at the myriad of complex restrictions surrounding cannabis can make you want to fly your flag at half mast. Another issue: Most states do not allow those from out-of-state to fill a prescription, even if they have a medical card. That means if you are from California and traveling in another state, you probably cannot get your medical marijuana prescription filled.
5 Wacky Weed Laws In States That Have Legalized Marijuana (USA – Cannabis Industry)
The Motley Fool (July 17, 2018) Even the removal of prohibition comes with some prohibitions. Thirty U.S. states plus the District of Columbia have legalized medical and/or recreational marijuana, with Oklahoma becoming the latest to do so just a few weeks ago. However, legalization means different things in different locations. The sixth edition of The State of Legal Marijuana Markets recently released by ArcView Research and BDS Analytics listed some unusual restrictions on legal marijuana in some states. Here are five wacky weed laws in states that have legalized marijuana — and what they reveal about the status of the U.S. cannabis industry. 
What Medical Marijuana Is, And Is Not, Good For (USA – Medicinal Cannabis)
Psychology Today (July 15, 2018) In 2016, I was asked by Governor John Kasich to become an academic research member of Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee.  Ohio’s statute allows physicians to recommend the use of medical marijuana to people suffering with twenty-one different medical conditions. If your recommender says “yes” then you can be certain that he or she is ignorant of the current state of medical research on marijuana.
Mexico Takes Small Steps Toward Medical Marijuana Legalization (Mexico – Medicinal Cannabis)
Leafly (July 16, 2018) Amid the vast volcano fields spanning the central Mexican states of Michoacán and Guanajuato, Hector Nieto cultivates a secret medicinal garden. He hopes its flowering plants represent a cure for his nation’s suffering. Nieto, 44, is a farmer who makes his living selling broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers. Beyond those crops lies a modest cannabis garden. He grows it for free, he says, for a small group of patients suffering conditions including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, epilepsy and fibromyalgia.