CCMA Greenbrief November 6th: SF Dispensary To Give Veterans $1 Cannabis…Palm Springs Dispensaries Receive First Annual Licenses…North Dakota & Michigan Are Considering Extremely Low Cannabis Taxes…

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Former Speaker John Boehner Calls For More Cannabis Reform, Citing Washington Should Respect State’s Rights To Regulate Cannabis Within Their Own Borders

“Until cannabis is legalized federally, Washington needs to respect states’ rights to regulate it within their borders. The 10th Amendment clearly protects states’ prerogative to do so, and we must not allow the federal nanny state to dictate otherwise.”
Former Speaker John Boehner On Cannabis Reform In The U.S.
“We need to understand which constellations of plant chemistry are best suited for which indications and which kinds of patients. So understanding these mechanisms is absolutely crucial for providing these patients with personalized medicine that alleviates their symptoms without producing the unwanted side effects.”
Adie Wilson-Poe, Researcher On Cannabis For Pain Management At Washington University In St. Louis, On The Different Effects Of CBD Vs. THC

San Francisco Cannabis Dispensary Offering $1 Pot To Veterans On Veterans Day (CA – Medicinal Cannabis)

WNCT 9 (November 6, 2018) A San Francisco cannabis dispensary, Bloom Room, is offering eighths of lab-tested medical-grade cannabis for $1 to all veterans this Veterans Day. General Manager of Bloom Room, Stephen Rechif, tells EIN News that new regulations have forced them to sell the drug to veterans for the first time instead of giving it to them as a donation. The purpose of the donation is to help veterans but also to raise awareness about the benefits of medical cannabis for veterans said Rechif. “As cannabis becomes more mainstream, there is no other group that can benefit more than our veterans and our seniors.”


California Judge Protects Will Of Voters By Allowing Home Cultivation Under Marijuana Legalization Initiative (CA – Cannabis Cultivation)

Weed News (November 5, 2018) On November 8, 2016, the people of California voted infavor of Prop. 64, which allows adults 21 and older to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and cultivate up to six marijuana plants at their private residence away from public view. Despite these protections a number of localities have adopted overly restrictive ordinances aimed at severely limiting this provision of Prop. 64. On November 2, the San Bernardino Superior Court struck down the bulk of the City of Fontana’s ordinance in a lawsuit brought by the Drug Policy Alliance and the ACLU on behalf of Mike Harris, a medical marijuana patient wishing to cultivate marijuana for his own use inside his home .


California’s Bureau Of Cannabis Control To Hold Cannabis Advisory Meeting Nov. 8 In Fresno (CA – State Regulations)

Cannabis Business Times (November 5, 2018) The Bureau of Cannabis Control recently announced that the Cannabis Advisory Committee will hold its next meeting on Thursday, November 8 in Fresno. The Meeting Notice and Agenda has been posted to the Bureau’s website. The Cannabis Advisory Committee advises the Bureau and the other licensing authorities–the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the California Department of Public Health–on the development of regulations that help protect public health and safety and reduce the illegal market for cannabis.


Four Palm Springs Area Pot Shops Are Among The First In California To Get Annual Licenses (CA – Licensing)

Desert Sun (November 5, 2018) California cannabis regulators are starting to dole out annual licenses to sell marijuana – and a handful of local pot shops are among the first crop of licensees. Since the beginning of 2018, California cannabis regulators have been issuing temporary licenses valid for 120 days, plus additional extensions. But the Bureau of Cannabis Control, the agency that regulates certain cannabis businesses like retailers, distributors and event organizers, will stop issuing or extending those temporary licenses after December 31, 2018.


The Politics Of Pot: How The U.S. Midterm Elections Will Play Into Legal Cannabis Laws (USA – Elections)

Financial Post (November 5, 2018) When it comes to cannabis, Canada is nice but the U.S. would be a lot better. In the aftermath of pot legalization north of the border, attention has turned to the world’s largest economy and the potential for a U.S. marijuana market that could be worth US$75 billion by 2030, according to an estimate from Cowen & Co. Entrepreneurs and investors who are flocking to the industry say legalization is inevitable in the U.S. But while more than 60 per cent of Americans support making pot legal, the politics remain fraught.


The Movement To Legalize Marijuana Is Poised To Make Significant Gains (USA – Cannabis Industry)

Huffington Post (November 6, 2018) It has already been a big year for legal weed. In January, California, the largest legal marijuana market in the U.S., opened its first recreational marijuana shops. That same month, Vermont became the ninth state in the nation ― and the first to do so through the state legislature rather than referendum ― to legalize recreational marijuana (sales remain banned, unlike the other legal recreational states). Oklahoma became the 30th state to legalize marijuana for medical use in June.


Why Aren’t More Congressional Candidates Embracing Marijuana Reform? (USA – Cannabis Politics)

Benzinga (November 6, 2018) In the lead up to the 2018 midterm elections, cannabis advocates are going through a familiar routine: throwing their hands up in frustration as to why more candidates are not embracing cannabis reform. It’s an important question for the movement and one that, based on public opinion polling, suggests a disconnect between the public and their elected officials. However, new polling shines a light on why this disconnect happens and it all boils down to congressional primaries. Public opinion around cannabis reform has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Support for medical cannabis hovers somewhere above 80 percent (sometimes well above that), and recent polling shows that two-thirds of Americans support adult-use cannabis reform.


Boehner Calls For More Marijuana Reforms Ahead Of Midterms (USA – Cannabis Politics)

The Hill (November 5, 2018) Former House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) who sits on the board of cannabis corporation, expressed his support for marijuana legalization ahead of this year’s midterm election. Boehner stated that he began to support marijuana use after a friend who suffered from chronic back pain began using medical cannabis. Boehner also writes that his experience on the board of Acreage Holdings has helped him learn more about how people have used the drug to combat pain.


These 2 States Are Considering Some Of America’s Lowest Cannabis Taxes (USA – Cannabis Taxing)

Yahoo! (November 6, 2018) As voters weigh in on recreational cannabis initiatives in Michigan and North Dakota on Tuesday, they should take note that the two states would have some of America’s lowest cannabis taxes. The relatively low tax levels could prove a tough sell for voters on the fence who would like to see higher revenues flow into their states. Michigan’s Hemp Legalization Initiative, Proposal 1, would legalize recreational use and impose a 6% sales tax, as well as a 10% excise tax funding local governments, education, and infrastructure.


The Most Impactful Cannabis Studies Of All Time (USA – Cannabis Research)

Leafly (November 5, 2018) The following compendium of landmark cannabis studies is exclusively focused on top-level research that either fundamentally advanced our understanding of the plant’s therapeutic properties, or thoroughly debunked some pernicious piece of official misinformation—such as “smoking weed gives you lung cancer.” To this day, cannabis remains a Schedule 1 narcotic—a categorization that flies in the face of not just the latest cutting-edge research into the plant’s incredible medicinal potential, but also some of the oldest medical texts in existence.


THC! CBD! TERPENOIDS! Cannabis Science Is Getting Hairy (USA – Cannabis Research)

Wired (November 6, 2018) Today, cannabis continues its slow march toward nationwide decriminalization with voters deciding whether to allow recreational use in Michigan and North Dakota, and for medical purposes in Utah and Missouri. As states keep chipping away at federal prohibition, more consumers will gain access, sure—but so will more researchers who can more easily study this astonishingly complex and still mysterious plant. With cannabis growing more legitimate as a medicine, researchers are finally putting hard data to these anecdotal reports. They’re beginning to understand how CBD might modulate the often unwelcome effects of THC.


Top 10 Myths And Facts About The Cannabis Industry (USA – Cannabis Industry)

New Cannabis Ventures (November 4, 2018) On October 22nd at IC3, the 2nd Institutional Capital & Cannabis Conference (East), Adrian Sedlin, CEO of California cannabis company Canndescent, a client of New Cannabis Ventures and a leader in the premium flower category, discussed his list of top 10 myths and facts about the cannabis industry.



Survey Finds Dispensary Staff Are Well Trained For Sales But Not For Medical Advice (USA – Medicinal Cannabis)

Chron (November 5, 2018) Medical cannabis is a rapidly growing market in recent years, as patients increasingly turn to this alternative therapy for management of multiple underlying chronic medical conditions. In California, more than 1,000 medical marijuana dispensaries, cooperatives and delivery services are in place. Though the government heavily regulates marijuana, we really don’t know very much about the training of the budmasters behind the counter.