CCMA Greenbrief October 13: Cannabis Company Donates $40,000 of Product to CA Wildfire Victims… KY Gov. Will Not Allow Cannabis Legalization While in Office… Cannabis Business Gets Approval From Pot-Shy LA County…


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Friday, October 13, 2017
“If their facilities burn down, a lot of these people won’t be able to get any economic relief for them from an insurance claim, there’s no mechanism for recovery to repay them for their loss. It’s a tremendous risk for these people.”
Derek Peterson, CEO Of Cannabis Producer Terra Tech About Cannabis Farms That Became Victims To Wildfires
“Cities are also allowed to either prohibit or allow outdoor cannabis locations on private residences and can regionally regulate indoor cannabis cultivation, but cannot prohibit cannabis cultivation altogether.”
Maricela E. Marroquin, An Attorney From Richards, Watson And Gershon
CannaCraft, The Maker Of AbsoluteXtracts And Be Kind Flower, Is Stepping Up In A Big Way To Help Patients Impacted By The California Wildfires (CA – Cannabis Industry)
MG Retailer (October 12, 2017) The California wildfires have destroyed over 2,000 homes and businesses. Thousands have had their lives disrupted. Even worse, there have already been 28 confirmed deaths linked to the fires. As we have seen from the recent hurricanes in Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico, people need more than just water and food after a natural disaster. Access to medication has been a significant problem, especially for elderly victims of the storms.
California’s Marijuana Farmers Fear Crops Could Go Up In Smoke (CA – Cannabis Farms)
USA Today (October 12, 2017) Marijuana farmers and dispensary owners across Northern California are nervously watching as wildfires burn through some of the state’s prime cannabis growing areas and destroy valuable crops, which could drive up prices for consumers across the country.
Fires Engulf Cannabis Farms In California’s Emerald Triangle (CA – Cannabis Farms)
Ganjapreneur (October 12, 2017) Several cannabis farms in Mendocino County, California have fallen victim to wildfires, which have grown increasingly severe throughout the state in recent years. Mendocino County is one of three counties that comprise the state’s famed Emerald Triangle, which is known worldwide as a leader in cannabis production. The region also includes Humboldt and Trinity counties, but they have not been as affected by the fires.
Northern California Employers Are Re-Examining Drug Testing Policies (CA – Cannabis Testing)
High Times (October 11, 2017) Several cannabis farms in Mendocino County, California have fallen victim to wildfires, which in light of legalization and the growing prevalence of cannabis consumption, Northern California employers are re-examining drug testing policies. Are they swayed by science? By logic? Or are they just losing out on prospective employees because of unreliable testing methods? It seems that there are a lot of factors at play here.
Medical Marijuana, Inc. Portfolio Of Companies Announces Expansion Of Offices And Warehouse Operations In California (CA – Medical Cannabis)
PR Newswire (October 11, 2017) Medical Marijuana, Inc., the first-ever publicly traded cannabis company in the United States, announced today that it has expanded the size of its operations warehouse, more than tripling the size of the previous site. This expansion is a direct result of the rapid sales growth within the portfolio of companies, and with this growth over the coming months will come approximately 20 new employment opportunities at the operations facility.
Medical Marijuana Rules Could Scuttle Proposed Niles Dispensary (CA – Cannabis Dispensary)
WSBT (October 11, 2017) A potential bump in the road for a planned medical marijuana dispensary in Niles. According to our partners at the South Bend Tribune, state and local rules could make it difficult for the proposed dispensary to open inside the historic former post office downtown.
Los Angeles County Issues Its First Cannabis License (CA – Cannabis License)
Forbes (October 12, 2017) Yvonne DeLaRosa Green was awarded the first cannabis business license for Los Angeles County for her dispensary 99 High Tide Collective in Malibu. The city and county of Los Angeles are expected to become the capital of cannabis once the state of California’s regulated adult-use market is up and running. While Denver, Colorado, may have grabbed all of the early attention, California’s market numbers will be hard to top.

Tehachapi Planning Commission Makes Recommendations On Pot Regulation; Issue Now Goes To City Council (CA – Cannabis Regulations)
Tehachapi News (October 12, 2017) As the time approaches for the Tehachapi City Council to decide how to regulate commercial non-medical use and outdoor cultivation of marijuana, new zoning codes may help. The Tehachapi Planning Commission passed a resolution at a special meeting on Oct. 9 that calls for banning commercial physical retail locations within the city. However, the city might allow mobile delivery cannabis retailers to obtain a city business license in order to track their activity.

California Gov. Vetoes Cannabis Edible-Shape Ban, Public Smoking Bills (CA – Cannabis Regulations)
Ganjapreneur (October 12, 2017) California Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed two measures that would have banned smoking in parks and on beaches statewide and another that would have prohibited “cannabis products to be made in the shape of a person, animal, insect or fruit.”
Kentucky Governor Won’t Support Marijuana Legalization Because Of ‘Pot Overdoses In Colorado’ (KY – Cannabis Legalization)
Civilized (October 12, 2017) There are many ridiculous arguments people make against marijuana legalization, but Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s reasons may be the craziest of all. In an interview on talk radio, Bevin was asked about the possibility of Kentucky passing legalized marijuana to help solve the state’s budget problems. The governor scoffed at the idea and said that legalization in Colorado has been a catastrophe. In addition to claiming that emergency room visits and homelessness have grown since marijuana became legal, he also claimed that people are overdosing on cannabis. Yes, really.
Hawaii’s Fourth Dispensary Opens (HI – Cannabis Dispensary)
Ganjapreneur (October 12, 2017) Hawaii’s fourth medical cannabis dispensary opened its doors yesterday after receiving final approvals from the state Department of Health, according to a Pacific Business Newsreport. Noa Botanicals is the second company approved to sell medical cannabis products in Oahu.