CCMA Greenbrief October 20: Calaveras County On Verge of Banning Cannabis Farms… Encinitas Voters To Decide Pot-Growing Issue… Half Moon Bay High School Health and Wellness Committee Request the City Council to Impose Moratorium on Commercial Cannabis Cultivation…


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Friday, October 20, 2017
“Do people really believe Jeff Sessions is going to come out to Calaveras County to eradicate cannabis? I think that might be the real pipe dream.”
Calaveras County District 2 Supervisor Jack Garamendi

“We aim to capitalize on the fast-emerging licensed medical cannabis opportunity in California through building a portfolio of investments in scalable, best-in-class projects like CTI, we believe our royalty-based business model is ideally suited to the market opportunity and will resonate with investors.”
Andriyko Herchak, President And CEO Of FinCanna

Marijuana Businesses, Particularly In California, Struggle To Navigate A Thicket Of Regulations (CA – Cannabis Regulations)
Forbes (October 19, 2017) The term “marijuana millionaire” was coined amid the emergence of the legalized cannabis industry as new business owners spoke about their piles of cash. It was a tantalizing picture. The reality is that running a cannabis business doesn’t always mean the owners are actually getting to keep those piles of money as income. Tax payments are higher than in other industries, and companies can’t claim typical business deductions.
Stoners Can Now Get In The Fall Mood With Pumpkin Spice Marijuana (CA – Edible Cannabis)
Fortune (October 19, 2017) Sure, you’ve heard of pumpkin spice lattes, and pumpkin spice doughnuts, but how about pumpkin spice weed? GOOD CO-OP, a cannabis company based in Oakland, California is taking the trend a step further this year. It launched a new “Pumpkin Spice blondie” today, a marijuana edible with 10MG of THC that will be sold exclusively through the Eaze platform in the area.
FinCanna Looks To Tap High-Growth Global Medical Cannabis Market, With Initial Focus On California (CA – Medical Cannabis)
Nasdaq (October 19, 2017) According to industry analysts, the global market for licensed medical cannabis is growing at a compound annual rate of more than 21.1%, and is on track to exceed $63.5 billion by 2024 The market is being driven by the increasing awareness of cannabis for various medical applications, like chronic and neuropathic pain, epilepsy, glaucoma, cancer treatment, and opioid addiction. An increasing number of countries as well as many U.S. states are legalizing the use of medical cannabis, which is supporting broader therapeutic studies and medical use.
Calaveras Supervisors Table Ordinance To Ban Commercial Cannabis Cultivation (CA – Cannabis Cultivation)
The Union Democrat (October 18, 2017) Members of the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday put off making any final decision on a new ordinance to permanently ban commercial cannabis cultivation until at least next week. They also spent time tweaking language in a new draft ordinance to regulate medical cannabis dispensaries and directed staff to come back with another draft at a future, undetermined date.
High School Committee Urges Cannabis Moratorium (CA – Cannabis Moratorium)
Half Moon Bay Review (October 19, 2017) As the state gears up to accept applications for commercial cannabis licenses in January, the Half Moon Bay High School Health and Wellness Committee is requesting that the City Council impose a moratorium on local commercial cannabis cultivation, sale and manufacture. Presently, city code prohibits cannabis production and distribution, but that could change if city officials decide to adopt a new ordinance in the coming year.
From Poinsettias To Pot? Voters To Decide What Grows In Encinitas (CA – Cannabis Regulations)
The San Diego Union Tribune (October 19, 2017) Encinitas voters, instead of the City Council, will be the ones deciding whether to allow commercial marijuana growing operations on the city’s few agriculturally zoned lands. And for now, until that likely November 2018 ballot measure, the city’s current bans on marijuana will remain in place, the council decided late Wednesday night.
Shasta County Says No To Marijuana Sales (CA – Cannabis Sales)
Record Searchlight (October 18, 2017) Shasta County took its first step toward banning recreational marijuana businesses in all unincorporated areas. The Planning Commission in a 5-0 vote on Thursday recommended an ordinance that bars all commercial activity, including storefronts, and deliveries. The panel did not address cultivation for personal use.
Where Can Adults Buy Marijuana In Merced County? One City Looks To Be At The Center (CA – Cannabis Industry)
Merced Sun Star (October 19, 2017) Merced County leaders are preparing for the rollout of state marijuana regulations, which will allow dispensaries around California. Your access to a recreational cannabis seller depends on where you live.
What’s The Deal With Nitrogen-Sealed Cannabis? (USA – Cannabis Industry)
Marijuana (October 19, 2017) As states that have legalized cannabis continue to roll out new regulations on retail packaging for marijuana products, brands are scrambling to find the ultimate solution. While plastic containers are cost-effective and glass jars provide a premium feel, exposing the product to oxygen and light immediately causes the product to lose its luster.
The Cannabis-Infused Trend Is Coming To Your Cocktails (USA – Cannabis Industry)
Well and Good (October 19, 2017) With cannabis popping up in water, coffee, and food, it was only a matter of time before it found its way onto your happy hour menu. In states where recreational marijuana is legal—here’s looking at you, California, Colorado, Oregon, and more—bartenders are shaking and stirring two cannabis compounds into their specialty cocktails: cannabidiol, which is not psychoactive, and tetrahydrocannabinol,  which is.
Congressional Cannabis Champion Earl Blumenauer Is Going After Anti-Weed Lawmakers (DC – Cannabis Industry)
Merry Jane (October 19, 2017) Congressman Earl Blumenauer is putting a fire under the seats of his weed fearing co-workers. According to a report from Marijuana Moment, instead of simply funneling campaign funds to cannabis-friendly candidates, Blumenauer will instead go after Washington D.C.’s vocal prohibitionists, using finances from the newly created Cannabis Fund Super PAC to directly target legislators standing in the way of federal marijuana reform.
Drug Czar Nominee Pulled Amid Opioid Scandal (DC – Cannabis Industry)
The Leaf Online (October 19, 2017) U.S. Representative Tom Marino (R-PA) was nominated as the Trump administration’s director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, or “drug czar,” despite having no background in health or treatment.
Texas May Get 3 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Soon (TX – Medical Cannabis)
Wide Open Country (October 19, 2017) By this time next year, Texas may be the new home to three operating medical marijuana dispensaries. A small victory for proponents of pot legalization, the Compassionate Use Act was signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott in 2015 and took effect Sept. 1, 2017. The state will allot at least three dispensary licenses. The first one went to Miami-based Knox Medical, which is opening their operation in the small town of Schulenburg in December. Two more companies, Compassionate Cultivation and Surterra Texas, are still waiting on reviews from the Texas Department of Public Safety.