CCMA Greenbrief August 14: League Of CA Cities Oppose Delivery Services… Sacramento Introduces Equity Program… Majority Of CA Cannabis Consumers Expected To Remain In Illicit Market…

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

“An influx of unapproved local cannabis deliveries will decrease transparency of cannabis operations and increase public safety obligations and costs for local law enforcement.”
A Letter From The League Of California Cites To State Regulators On Unchecked Cannabis Deliveries
“This has caused economic destruction and trauma in our community. This CORE program is going to help those who were disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs. It will help us who suffered generational poverty to benefit from the region’s $4 billion industry in cannabis.”
Malaki Seku-Amen Of The California Urban Partnership On Sacramento’s CORE Project

California Cities Object To Statewide Cannabis Delivery (CA – State Regulations)

Marijuana Business Daily (August 14, 2018) California cities are pushing back on a proposed change in state regulations that they say would allow unchecked home marijuana deliveries in places that have banned local cannabis sales. The League of California Cities said a proposed rule to permit marijuana delivery statewide would undermine local authority and potentially lure criminal activity. In a letter Monday to state regulators, the group warns the proposal would unleash “cannabis delivery anywhere in the state, regardless of conflicting local regulations or bans.”


California Marijuana Testing Labs Say Product Recalls Unlikely To Be A Major Concern (CA – Cannabis Testing)

Marijuana Business Daily (August 14, 2018) A pair of voluntary California cannabis product recalls in late July sparked concerns in the industry that other companies would be put in similar situations – and end up spending time and money to ensure their products arrived on retail shelves. Three testing lab executives told Marijuana Business Daily that such fears are likely overblown and that recalls will become less of a risk once the state’s Metrc track-and-trace system gets up and running and MJ regulations take shape.


California Cannabis Testing Highlights the Importance of Quality Control and Safe Processes (CA – Cannabis Testing)

P&T Community (August 14, 2018) CFN Media Group the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry, announces publication of an article discussing Rubicon Organics™, a private company soon to go public with the intent to demonstrate that certified organic products, properly tested and labeled, can lead the way toward creating consumer confidence in the nascent legal cannabis industry. As cannabis cultivation comes out of the basements and closets into the fully regulated light of day, Rubicon believes that adhering to the most strict quality and health standards is essential to building brands that consumers can trust with their well-being.


Cities Warn Of Unchecked Pot Deliveries, Despite Sales Bans (CA – State Regulations)

The Sacramento Bee (August 13, 2018) California cities on Monday objected to a proposed change in state rules that they say would allow unchecked home marijuana deliveries in places that have banned local pot sales. In a letter to state regulators, the League of California Cities said the change would undermine local authority and potentially lure criminal activity to cities that wanted pot businesses kept out of their communities.


Sacramento Launches Program To Help Non-Violent Marijuana Offenders Become Cannabis Entrepreneurs (CA – Cannabusiness)

Civilized (August 12, 2018) In a play to aid those disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs, the city of Sacramento has announced new plans to help non-violent offenders break into the marijuana industry. Sacramento City Council announced their new Cannabis Opportunity Reinvestment and Equity (CORE) program on Thursday. Those involved with its development say CORE will help disadvantaged individuals find a place in California’s booming cannabis industry.


Only 40% Of Cannabis Consumers Projected To Leave Illicit Market By 2020 (CA – Cannabis Market)

Benzinga (August 13, 2018) California’s well-established illicit market, paired with high taxes, steep compliance costs, and widespread local government bans on cannabis businesses, will significantly slow the pace at which consumers convert to the legal regulated market.In 2018, the legal adult-use market size is $0.8 billion, while the illicit market size is $3.7 billion. By 2025, the legal adult-use market is projected to increase to $4.0 billion while the illicit market decreases to $2.4 billion.


Santa Rosa Girl Who Takes Medical Cannabis To Treat Seizures Attends Her First Day Of Kindergarten (CA – Medicinal Cannabis)

The Press Democrat (August 13, 2018) A Santa Rosa girl who relies on cannabis-based oil to treat a rare form of epilepsy started kindergarten Monday under a court order that allows her to attend class while a judge decides whether the Rincon Valley Union School District can ban the medication from school grounds. Brooke Adams, 5, has Dravet syndrome, a lifelong disorder that causes frequent and prolonged seizures. Her family treats the genetic disease using daily doses of THC oil and cannabidiol, a marijuana compound also known as CBD.


‘I Don’t Think I Look Like A Stoner’: The Women Changing The Face Of The Cannabis Industry (USA – Cannabis Industry)

The Guardian (August 12, 2018) As weed’s legal status loosens across the US, the way cannabis is being marketed, sold and celebrated is evolving. An industry that has been dominated by men is finding a female voice in consumers and new business owners. Search #womenofweed on Instagram and you’ll find a female chef drizzling cannabis oil on to a soup, and a woman relaxing in a rose-petalled bath with a spliff in hand. These are women who are celebrating cannabis as an important part of their lifestyles – an aid to their health, as much as their creativity.


How This Techie Became An Advocate For Marijuana (USA – Cannabusiness)

Forbes (August 13, 2018) Tech consultant Pamela Hadfield and her serial entrepreneur husband Mark were in the midst of launching their second tech startup when one night over dinner, a close friend suggested she try marijuana to treat her persistent migraine headaches. At the time, the couple, Silicon Valley veterans, were deep into developing a telemedicine platform for the traditional market that would connect patients to doctors via video. But after Hadfield hesitantly obtained her medical card and later stepped into her first marijuana dispensary in San Francisco.


Seed-To-Sale Tracking And Compliance: If Coffee Was Regulated Like Cannabis (USA – Regulation)

Forbes (August 13, 2018) When California became the first state to legalize cannabis for medical reasons more than two decades ago, it started a trend that previously seemed unthinkable. Today, 30 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana in some form, whether for medical or recreational use, and more, it seems, are proactively taking steps to do so. When states legalize marijuana, though, it isn’t a free for all. It doesn’t mean that anyone can start growing and open up shop. Just as they’ve done with alcohol and other regulated products, they have to pass laws, set up new regulatory systems, and enact policies to guide and monitor the new industry.


Why Cannabis Relieves IBD Symptoms (USA – Medicinal Cannabis)

Medical News Today (August 14, 2018) Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is an umbrella term that describes inflammatory conditions affecting the gastrointestinal tract, such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. In the United States, approximately 1.6 million people are living with such disorders. Almost 70,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. The chronic inflammation in IBD leads to often debilitating symptoms, such as abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, fatigue, and diarrhea.


In The Year Before Legal Edibles, Cannabis Oil Is A Non-Smoker’s Best Friend (Canada – Cannabis Market)

Leafly (August 13, 2018) On October 17, Canada will legalize adult-use recreational cannabis. For the first year of the new legal marketplace, Canadians will have access to cannabis seeds, cannabis seedlings, dried cannabis flower, and cannabis oil. What is cannabis oil? What are its legal restrictions? Here are some answers. Cannabis oil is defined in Canada’s medical cannabis regulations as a liquid at room temperature—that means dense cannabis concentrates, such as shatter and wax, are forbidden under the Cannabis Act.