CCMA Greenbrief December 1: CCMA Greenbrief December 1: 66 Lawmakers Urge Feds to Protect States’ MMJ Programs as Sessions Hints at Recreational Crackdown… Pay Taxes Before Applying for Permits, CA Tells Cannabusinesses…


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Friday, December 1, 2017
“It’s my view that the use of marijuana is detrimental and we should not give encouragement in any way to it. And it represents a federal violation which is in the law and is subject to being enforced, and our priorities will have to be focused on all the things and challenges that we face.”
Attorney General Jeff Sessions
“What are you afraid of? People who smoke marijuana recreationally are not going to become belligerent or violent as is often the case with alcohol. … To restrict even the delivery of recreational cannabis is, to me, so provincial and short-sighted.”
Sausalito Resident Licita Fernandez
California Tells Cannabis Businesses: Pay Taxes Before Before Applying For Seller’s Permis (CA – Cannabis Industry)
San Francisco Business Times (November 30, 2017) Under the state’s recently debuted legislation, interested retailers and manufacturers need to obtain temporary business permits from their individual towns or jurisdictions, which will be in effect for four months.
Sessions Hints At Crack Down On Recreational Pot, Affecting California, Other States (CA – Recreational Cannabis)
The Sacramento Bee (November 29, 2017) Attorney General Jeff Sessions hinted Wednesday that the Justice Department may take a tougher stance on recreational marijuana in the near future, a change in policy that would have a significant impact on the five states that already allow the drug to be sold for more than medicinal purposes.
Top Republican: Jeff Sessions’ Crackdown Could Be A Blessing In Disguise For Marijuana Legalization (DC – Cannabis Legalization)
Civilized (November 30, 2017) Attorney General Jeff Sessions has repeatedly hinted that he might crack down on states that have defied federal prohibition by legalizing medical marijuana or recreational cannabis use. Those threats have worried a lot of marijuana activists, but former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele welcomes the crackdown because he thinks it will backfire almost immediately.
Bipartisan Letter To Congressional Leadership Urges Continued Protections For Medical Marijuana Programs (DC – Cannabis Legalization)
NORML (November 29, 2017) Today, sixty-six members of Congress representing both Republicans and Democrats sent a letter to Speaker Ryan, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, Leader Pelosi, and Leader Schumer urging them to maintain the federal protections for the 46 states that have implemented some form of medical cannabis programs throughout the country.
Legislators Push Congress To Extend Amendment Protecting State-Legal Medical Cannabis (DC – Cannabis Legalization)
Merry Jane (November 30, 2017) Although Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made a number of threats to crack down on states that have legalized cannabis, his hands have been tied by an amendment to a federal budget bill, known as the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, that prevents the Justice Department from spending money to prosecute cannabis-related activities that are legal under state laws. Sessions and some of his allies in the Republican party have worked to block the amendment from being renewed next year however, leaving the future of legal cannabis uncertain.
Here Are The Benefits Of Obtaining Your Medical Marijuana Card In 2018 (CA – Medical Cannabis)
Berkleyside (November 30, 2017) Now that Proposition 64 has legalized recreational marijuana use in California, you might think this is the end for medical marijuana. Think again. The initiative is laced with restrictions, and a closer look reveals several major benefits of getting a medical marijuana card in 2018. In fact, now’s the best time to get one. Here’s why.
Marijuana Goes Legal In California On Jan. 1. Here’s What You Need To Know. (CA – Cannabis Industry)
Desert Sun (November 30, 2017) Move over, 4/20. California has a new pot holiday: Jan. 1, 2018. It’s a date that dispensaries and marijuana consumers have had in their sights ever since Proposition 64 designated it as the official opening of the adult-use market in California. After a year of anticipation, the big switch is a month away. Even state regulators are pumped.
With Recreational Cannabis Becoming Legal In California, The County Decides Whether To Join In. (CA – Recreational Cannabis)
Monterey County Weekly (November 30, 2017) Drive by existing cultivation sites, and you can smell the cannabis. That’s literally, where operators are already growing medical marijuana and also figuratively, as businesses race toward Jan. 1, when recreational pot becomes legal in California.
New California Cannabis Rules Ensure A Safe, Budding Industry For The Long Haul (CA – Cannabis Rules)
Fox & Hounds (November 30, 2017) What a difference a half-year makes – especially for the budding California pot industry! This past June, our elected leaders passed Senate Bill 94, laying the foundation of new rules and regulations for cannabis growing, distribution, and sales across the Golden State.
Sausalito Halts Marijuana Sales For Next 45 Days (CA – Cannabis Sales)
Marinij (November 29, 2017) The Sausalito City Council has approved a 45-day urgency ordinance to halt all commercial activities involving marijuana in anticipation of legal sales in California beginning Jan. 1. The council will then revisit the issue in mid-January to either extend the urgency law, or enact more permanent zoning laws relating to marijuana. The urgency ordinance prevents a dispensary from opening in the city and prohibits the delivery or sale of recreational marijuana and sale of medical marijuana. But it does allow the delivery of medical marijuana.
Carefully Navigate Shifting Sands Of Federal Enforcement Priorities Related To Medical Marijuana (DC – Medical Cannabis)
Lexology (November 30, 2017) The DOJ has yet to formally change the priorities related to federal enforcement in states adopting medical marijuana laws, but Sessions has consistently made strong statements that indicate he is opposed to legalized marijuana on both a recreational and a medical basis.
Did The Drug Enforcement Administration Legalize Synthetic Marijuana While Keeping ‘The Real Thing’ Illegal? (USA – Medical Cannabis)
Snopes (November 30, 2017) On 5 July 2016, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved a New Drug Application from Insys Therapeutics for a drug they dubbed Syndros — an oral solution of the synthetic version of the most prominent psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.
Don’t Advertise CBD Hemp Oil, Regulators Say (ND – Medical Cannabis)
HPR (November 29, 2017) Shortly after stocking her shelves with cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil, business owner Lonna Zacher Brooks publicized her product online and in a news story. And then, although police reject the term, Brooks’ store was “raided.” Her CBD oil was confiscated in May from her shelves at Terry’s Health Products. Under orders from the State’s Attorney General’s office, Bismarck Police also hit the BisMan Community Food Co-op on the same day.