CCMA Greenbrief January 14th: Feds Introduce Bill to Revive Cole Memo Protections…Cannabis Trade Federation Hires 15 D.C. Lobbyists, Pushing for Federal Reform…Rhode Island May Be Next State to Legalize Recreational Cannabis…

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA) & Six Other Lawmakers Introduced The Sensible Enforcement Of Cannabis Act, A Bill That Mirrors The Obama-Era Cole Memo.


“The Department’s ill-conceived decision adversely affects California and other states that in ‘good faith’ implemented regulatory frameworks that relied on the memo. The repeal of the Cole Memo contravenes the will of the American public. Furthermore, this decision will negatively affect numerous Americans who utilize cannabis for medical purposes.”
Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA) On The Sensible Enforcement of Cannabis Act
“Prohibition has failed to decrease cannabis use while costing billions and criminalizing millions — disproportionately people of color. Fortunately, most Americans, weary of our national epidemic of unsupported claims, reject prohibitionists’ fearmongering and support a regulated system of adult cannabis use as a more humane and effective approach.”
Bryon Adinoff & David L. Nathan, Board Members Of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, Replying To Alex Berenson’s Op-Ed Titled “Don’t Ignore The Risks Of Pot”

New Congressional Bill Would Enshrine Rescinded Marijuana Memo Into Federal Law (USA – Cannabis Politics)

Marijuana Moment (January 12, 2019) A bipartisan group of federal lawmakers on Friday filed legislation that, if enacted, would essentially revive the Obama-era marijuana enforcement memo that was rescinded by then-U.S Attorney General Jeff Sessions last year. The full text of the Sensible Enforcement of Cannabis Act, sponsored by Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA) and six other House members, is not yet online. But Correa’s communications director told Marijuana Moment in an email that the legislation is “identical to the bill we introduced last session.” The bill also carves out several exceptions for areas where the Justice Department could continue to enforce federal anti-cannabis laws.


Nevada City Considers Moratorium On Some Cannabis Manufacturers (CA – Cannabusiness)

The Union (January 13, 2019) Citing safety concerns, the Nevada City Police Department asked the city council on Wednesday to consider a moratorium on cannabis manufacturing businesses that use volatile extraction methods. Local cannabis business owners argued against the request, telling council members the industry is highly regulated and cannabis should not be singled out. In the end, the council shelved the discussion until city staff could become better educated on the ins and outs of the issue.


City Council To Consider Cannabis Ordinance; Tahoe Wellness Cooperative Hoping To Settle Lawsuit (CA – Local Ordinances)

Tahoe Daily Tribune (January 14, 2019) A settlement proposal to terminate a lawsuit between South Lake Tahoe’s only legal cannabis business and the city fell short Tuesday, but the discussion did spark a slight bit of optimism. City Council met in closed session to consider the proposal put forward by Tahoe Wellness Cooperative. The discussion lasted about 30 minutes. The two sides have been locked in a legal battle since the city rejected Tahoe Wellness’ renewal application in 2016 on grounds that it was insufficient. A court ruled in the city’s favor, and Tahoe Wellness appealed. The case is currently before the appellate court.


Nevada County Releases Draft Environmental Report On Cannabis Cultivation (CA – Local Ordinances)

The Union (January 11, 2019) Nevada County on Friday released its draft environmental impact report on its Commercial Medical Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance. The release of the document begins a 45-day review period to provide the public an opportunity to review and respond to the adequacy of the report. “The County of Nevada is proposing the Nevada County Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance to be consistent with state law and to enable a structured and logical management procedure for the cultivation of cannabis within all unincorporated areas within the County,” a news release states.


Cannabis Club Fills Info Gap For California Seniors (CA – Medicinal Cannabis)

Forbes (January 13, 2019) Tucked between the affluent San Francisco suburbs of Lafayette and Walnut Creek is Rossmoor, an upscale senior-living community of some 10,000 residents 55 and older. They are among the few older adults in this country who can find expert information on how to use medical marijuana right in their own community. Rossmoor’s Medical Marijuana Education and Support Club is one of the community’s most popular activities, with an email list of over 1000 names testifying to the locals’ voracious appetite for learning about cannabis.


Federal Bill H.R. 420 May Change The Political Course Of Cannabis In The United States (USA – Cannabis Politics)

Pot Network (January 14, 2019) 420 is no longer code for cannabis consumption; it’s now the reserved number for a bill that could change federal cannabis law, if it passes, that is. H.R. 420, a bill filed on January 9 by Rep. Earl Blumenauer, would remove cannabis from the federal Controlled Substances Act. Blumenauer’s proposed H.R. 420, called the “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act” would establish federal regulations for cannabis. Marijuana would then be overseen by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Finds A Republican Ally For Legal Pot (USA – Cannabis Politics)

CNN (January 11, 2019) Two House millennials on opposite sides of the political spectrum have proved it’s possible to find common ground, at least when it comes to cannabis policy. Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York recently tapped Dan Riffle, a former federal policy director at the Marijuana Policy Project, as a senior counsel and policy adviser. When she tweeted out a story about the hire from High Times, she added, “#LegalizeIt, and demand justice for communities ravaged by the War on Drugs.”


OPINION: Is Legalizing Marijuana Too Risky? (USA – Cannabis Legalization

The New York Times (January 13, 2019) Any potential harm caused by marijuana is far outweighed by the harms of prohibition, stigmatization and criminalization. Instead, a system of robust regulation allows for product safety testing, the enforcement of age limits for purchase and the peaceful resolution of disputes among market participants. Marijuana has been used by various cultures across the globe for millenniums. It was criminalized in the United States not because of public health concerns, but to advance a racist agenda.


Cannabis Trade Federation Hires 15 DC Lobbyists To Push For US Marijuana Law Reform (USA – Cannabis Politics)

Marijuana Business Daily (January 14, 2019) A relatively new marijuana trade association is aggressively targeting federal cannabis law reform. According to The Hill, the Cannabis Trade Federation (CTF) hired 15 lobbyists to work in Washington DC to boost the States Act. The proposed national legislation would shield state-legal marijuana programs from federal interference as well as resolve banking and taxation issues plaguing the MJ industry.


RI Governor To Propose Legalizing Recreational Marijuana (RI – State Legalization)

The Herald News (January 13, 2019) Facing the “inevitable” prospect of being encircled by states that have legalized recreational marijuana, Gov. Gina Raimondo will propose this week that Rhode Island do the same. The proposal, included in her budget plan for the fiscal year beginning July 1, would create one of the most regulated recreational pot industries in the country, the governor said, aimed at reducing the health and safety problems experienced in some of the 10 other states that have approved recreational use in recent years. The proposal would also require that single servings of popular pot edibles such as gummies, brownies or cookies contain no more than 5 milligrams of THC, the psychotropic compound in marijuana.


Too Much Of A Good Thing? Legalization Means There Is More Cannabis-Related Waste (Canada – Cannabis Waste)

The GrowthOp (January 14, 2019) Canadians who love, need, cultivate or sell cannabis may be rounding into another month of legalization, but any growing comfort should not be accompanied by complacency around disposal-related issues that are also gaining profile. As it turns out, all those plants generate a whole lot of trash. And like all things post-legalization, the destruction and disposal of cannabis and its byproducts is governed by rules and regulations that are anything but simple.


Marijuana Stock Aurora Cannabis Is Rising After It Bought Whistler Medical Marijuana (USA – Cannabis Investments)

Barron’s (January 14, 2019) Canadian marijuana company Aurora Cannabis made news Monday, after a week in which its rivals Tilray and Aphria got all the attention. The Edmonton, Alberta-based Aurora will expand its brand offerings with the acquisition of the organic v producer, Whistler Medical Marijuana. Aurora stock was up almost 3.5% by midday on Monday to $6.58 on the New York Stock Exchange, where the shares are dual-listed with Toronto’s exchange.