CCMA Greenbrief January 15th: Major Financial Loss Predicted for Alcohol & Tobacco Due to Legal Cannabis… CA Gov Urges More Funding for Cannabis Reg Enforcement… Illinois Gov Promises Legalization in Inauguration Speech…

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Founder Of The Congressional Cannabis Caucus Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) Says Legalization Is Coming In The Near Future, Whether Opponents Admit It Or Not. The Cannabis Caucus & Growing Ranks Of Pot-Friendly Lawmakers Are Already Pushing National Party Leaders & Chairs Of Important Committees To Make This Issue A Priority In The Coming Months.


“We wanted to focus people’s attention so that, although it’s not probably the top priority for very many people — maybe not the top priority for anyone — it is in fact important to a wide range of people, and it’s something this Congress can do. And ultimately, I think it’s likely to be something, as we work our way through, that this is maybe one of the most likely outcomes. Is just to regulate it like alcohol.”
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Founder Of The Congressional Cannabis Caucus, On The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act
“California cannabis consumers can acquire products through this system with confidence and should be proud to see their state leading the way in cannabis consumer protection. Perhaps other industries will take note and realize independent testing programs can lead to excellent supply chain controls that serve to elevate consumer confidence.”
Jeff Raber, CEO & CVO Of The Wercshop 

In California, Cannabis Beats Traditional Agriculture On Pesticide Safety Compliance (CA – Pesticide Use)

Cannabis Now (January 7, 2019) For farmers in California’s emergent legal market, it’s not easy being green enough to comply with the state’s pesticide regulations, especially when it seems like there is little framework for them to do so. But despite all that doom and gloom, some recently released reports have shed some light on the topic, and surprisingly, even though cannabis farmers do not have any of the perks enjoyed by traditional agriculture, they are actually more compliant with state safety guidelines than their non-cannabis counterparts.


New California Gov Earmarks More Funds For Cannabis Regulations, Enforcement (CA – Cannabis Industry)

Marijuana Business Daily (January 11, 2019) In his first state budget, California Gov. Gavin Newsom recommended a sharp increase in spending for marijuana regulatory programs. But it’s an open question whether additional funding will be enough to help steady the state’s cannabis economy. California’s top marijuana regulator, Lori Ajax, has said the state intends to get more businesses licensed and operating in 2019, while cracking down on rogue operators who continue to proliferate statewide.


How Glass House Farms Helped Santa Barbara County Address Cannabis Odor Issues (CA – Cannabis Cultivation)

Cannabis Business Times (January 14, 2019) One of the prevailing public concerns in the world’s largest cannabis market, California, which ushered in its regulated adult-use market Jan. 1, 2018, is odor. The state has left the debate to its county and municipal governments, which are the gatekeepers of the licensed cannabis business. You can’t secure a state permit without first gaining the approval of local regulators in, say, Santa Barbara County, and the matter of odor control is being foisted to the front of the public debate over who earns a spot in the marketplace and who doesn’t. Graham Farrar, founder of Glass House Farms, says that he and his team worked closely with Santa Barbara County to craft an odor control ordinance that all licensed businesses must follow. The public was involved, too.


Cannabis Advocates Will Learn Sooner Rather Than Later How Congress Will Handle Marijuana (USA – Cannabis Politics)

Forbes (January 14, 2019) The cannabis community could learn sooner than later just how enthusiastic the 116th Congress is about changing the marijuana laws in this country. A piece of legislation submitted last week designed to legalize marijuana nationwide like alcohol could be the document that shows advocates just how serious Capitol Hill is about ending prohibition once and for all. There is also a distinct possibility the bill will go down in history like a flaming piece of legislative hype, a waste of paper the same as other wildly-hyped cannabis proposals of the past. Every Congress needs one of those, right?


Cannabis In Congress: Why Federally Legal Weed Could Soon Be A Reality (USA – Federal Legalization)

Rolling Stone (January 14, 2019) Even with the government shutdown that’s been ominously hovering over Washington these past three weeks, there’s still a fresh Congress in town. That means the nation’s 535 lawmakers are in the first stages of trying to get their favored pet issues on the radar of party leaders. That focused energy and flowery optimism that marks the start of any new Congress is different this year for marijuana proponents, because this time around they believe they can actually pass some sweeping cannabis reforms.


Legal Cannabis Could Skim $55 Billion Per Year From Alcohol, Tobacco Firms (USA – Cannabis Sales)

Marijuana Business Daily (January 14, 2019) Global alcohol and tobacco companies could face losses of $55 billion a year if a fully legal cannabis develops in North America, a new report predicts, a key driver for why they’re looking to move into the blooming marijuana market. David Kideckel, managing director of Altacorp’s life sciences division and author of the report, said alcohol and tobacco will be part of a larger trend of mature industries migrating into the cannabis sector in the coming years.


The Reasonable Way To View Marijuana’s Risks (USA – Cannabis Use) 

The New York Times (January 14, 2019) Are we underestimating the harms of legalizing marijuana? Those who hold this view have been in the news recently, saying that research shows we are moving too far too fast without understanding the damage. Vigilance is required. But it should be reasoned and thoughtful. To tackle recent claims, we should use the best methods and evidence as a starting point. No one should be under the impression that marijuana is harmless. We should be honest about what we do and don’t know. We need more research.


It’s Official: Canopy Growth’s Coming To America After All (USA – Cannabis Investments)

The Motley Fool (January 14, 2019) Canada’s market share-leading cannabis company, Canopy Growth has long said it won’t enter the U.S. market until there’s a legal pathway to do so federally. The passage of the new U.S. Farm Bill in December gives it what it was waiting for. On Jan. 14, the company struck a deal with the state of New York to process hemp, a strain of cannabis that’s low in the psychoactive chemical cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol to create hemp-based consumer-goods products.


Illinois Governor Pledges To Legalize Marijuana In Inaugural Address (IL – Cannabis Legalization)

Marijuana Moment (January 14, 2019) Newly sworn-in Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) confirmed in his inaugural address on Monday that he plans to make good on a campaign promise to legalize marijuana. Pritzker had made legalizing marijuana a centerpiece of his election campaign last year going back to the Democratic primary, during which he held a press conference outside of a medical cannabis dispensary at one point. Shortly after the general election, in which he ousted now former Gov. Bruce Rauner (R), Pritzker said that he wanted to pursue ending marijuana prohibition “right away” following his inauguration.


Portland Marijuana Startup Sues Rival Over Sex Assault Claim (OR – Cannabis Lawsuits)

The Oregonian (January 12, 2018) Cura Cannabis, which claims to be the biggest company in Oregon’s legalized marijuana market, sued a rival in California on Friday over anonymous social media posts. Portland-based Cura alleges a competitor, Bloom Farms, created fake social media accounts to highlight sexual assault allegations against Cura investor and former chief executive Nitin Khanna. Portland-based Cura alleges a competitor, Bloom Farms, created fake social media accounts to highlight sexual assault allegations against Cura investor and former chief executive Nitin Khanna.


Sen. Chuck Schumer Welcomes Major Cannabis Company To New York’s Hemp Industry (NY – Hemp Industry)

Marijuana Moment (January 14, 2019) Canadian marijuana giant Canopy Growth Corporation will enter the nascent U.S. hemp industry by building a massive farming and production center in southern New York, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced on Monday. Canopy has yet to finalize its plans for an exact location—a contract could be signed as soon as Monday, Schumer said—but the company could eventually support “up to 400 jobs” in hemp cultivation, processing and product manufacturing at what would be a “first of its kind” center for the just-legalized U.S. hemp industry, the senator said.


Oregon Could Make History With Cannabis Export Regulations (OR – Cannabis Exports)

MG Retailer (January 14, 2019) Oregon officials are considering a bill that would drastically change how cannabis businesses operate and could establish a historic new direction for the industry. A bill to allow the exporting of cannabis across state lines to neighboring states such as Washington and California is being reviewed by state lawmakers. This could potentially be a huge development as no other state permits the export of cannabis. Oregon growers have produced significantly more cannabis than its residents can consume. In fact, according to Rolling Stone, Oregon growers are currently sitting on more than one million pounds of cannabis. Currently, there is no plan to be able to sell the extra supplies to in-state consumers. /


Soon-To-Be Introduced Bill Would Legalize Medical Marijuana In South Carolina (SC – Medical Cannabis)

Fox 46 (January 14, 2019) A number of South Carolina lawmakers are pushing for medical marijuana to be legalized and FOX 46 Charlotte has obtained a soon-to-be introduced bill that, if approved, would do just that. The South Carolina Compassionate Care Act would legalize marijuana and allow up to two ounces of cannabis (or the equivalent in cannabis products) for those with a debilitating medical condition, as prescribed by their doctor.