CCMA Greenbrief July 10: Newport Beach Sues Church for Dispensing Cannabis Without Permit… Russia Claims Canada’s Legalization Breaks International Law… CA Congressman Correa Introduces Bill For VA Cannabis Research…

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Russia Issued A Statement That Cannabis Legalization In Canada Goes Against International Law 

“Ever since California’s regulatory roll out, we have been considering the best way to focus our efforts on building a successful industry in our state and we welcome this opportunity to further align our work with the goals and objectives of our members.”
Lindsay Robinson, Executive Director Of The CA Cannabis Industry Association, On The Launch Of The Allied Associations Program 
“I’d recommend people look to physical activities in addition to microdosing cannabis to naturally alleviate anxiety. Dancing, lifting weights, walking outdoors, yoga, or just screaming and shouting. Just get it out! It’s important to tackle lifestyle on a holistic basis rather than just using a product as a bandaid.”
Emily O’Brien, Founder Of Mondo Meds, On Using Cannabis To Treat Anxiety & Keeping People Active
‘Pot Banks’: The Answer For A Budding Industry? (CA – Cannabis Banking)
MG Retailer (July 9, 2018) When California voters approved Proposition 64 in November 2016, the Golden State became effectively the largest jurisdiction in the world to legalize recreational sale and use of cannabis. On January 1 of this year, when recreational sales were legalized, politicians, tax collectors, and business owners already were seeing green. The state estimates it will collect $600 million in taxes from cannabis sales. And it doesn’t end there. According to BDS Analytics, an independent research firm, California’s cannabis market in 2018 will be $3.7 billion.
Cannabis Industry Network Expands Locally (CA – Cannabis Organizations)
The Leaf Online (July 9, 2018) As it approaches its annual Business Summit in Oakland, the National Cannabis Industry Association is again extending its community outreach with the launch of its new Allied Associations Program (AAP). Allied Associations have access to member workshops and information sessions hosted by NCIA, and receive monthly updates on NCIA’s work and ongoing relevant legal or policy updates.
Medicinal Marijuana Group Sues City Over Ballot Language (CA – Local Initiatives) (July 8, 2018) The group behind the successful initiative to place a measure on the November ballot that would ask voters to legalize medicinal marijuana dispensaries in the city of Bakersfield has sued the city over the specific language that will appear on the ballot. The Kern Citizens for Patient Rights alleges in the lawsuit that the language drafted by the Bakersfield City Attorney’s Office in conjunction with the City Clerk, would bias the voter against the initiative.
Newport Beach Church Accused Of Operating Illegal Marijuana Dispensary (CA – Illicit Market)
Los Angeles Times (July 10, 2018) Newport Beach officials are asking an Orange County Superior Court judge to block an operation that identifies itself as a church, but that the city says is a marijuana dispensary violating local law. Brick-and-mortar marijuana dispensaries are prohibited in Newport Beach under municipal code. Cultivation, processing, distribution and delivery of cannabis have been banned in the city since 2016.
Marijuana Politics Evolving In Red States (USA – Cannabis Support)
The Hill (July 10, 2018) Supporters and opponents of legalizing marijuana are preparing to fight over ballot measures in half a dozen states this year, shifting the political battleground away from traditionally liberal states and into some of the country’s most conservative areas. Two measures are already scheduled to appear on November ballots: Michigan voters will decide whether to become the ninth state to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, while the electorate in Utah will choose whether to join 22 other states by legalizing pot for medical use.
‘Our Veterans Deserve Better,’ Congressperson Calls On VA To Allow Medical Marijuana Research (USA – Cannabis Research)
Civilized (July 8, 2018) As cannabis remains illegal federally, agencies like Veterans Affairs have little ability to provide medical marijuana to vets, but California Democrat Lou Correa is hoping to change. Congressman Correa has introduced legislation that would make it clear that VA can legally perform cannabis research and decide for itself what would be help veterans in need. Without government approval, many vets are turning to advocates like Aaron Newsom, who has been providing veterans with free cannabis through the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance since 2011.
Study Finds Cannabis May Not Be Effective At Treating Chronic Pain (USA – Medicinal Cannabis)
High Times (July 9, 2018) Pain management is one of the most common reasons people turn to medical cannabis. Chronic pain is a qualifying condition virtually everywhere medical marijuana is legal. And numerous scientific studies alongside overwhelming anecdotal evidence testify to cannabis’ effectiveness in treating pain. But a new study out of Australia is challenging this consensus. According to researchers, cannabis may not be as effective a pain reliever as many think.
Can Cannabis Help With Anxiety? (USA – Medicinal Cannabis)
Forbes (July 10, 2018) Widespread public reliance on prescription medications to alleviate anxiety has led to a growing frontier of cannabis products designed specifically to treat the condition. Government survey data from 2013 shows that one in six Americans self-reports taking psychiatric medication, most often an anti-anxiety or antidepressant. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that in 2015, over 30% of overdoses showed some presence of benzodiazepines, medicines prescribed to treat anxiety. Cannabis is reported by its proponents to be an effective alternative to traditional anxiety medications, with fewer side effects.
Here Are The DEA’s Newest Slang Terms For Marijuana: ‘Shoes,’ ‘My Brother’ And More (USA – Cannabis Terminology)
Marijuana Moment (July 9, 2018) If you’re a marijuana connoisseur—or even remotely aware of how normal people talk about pot—then this should be fun, because the Drug Enforcement Administration added over 50 new terms since last year. And some of them are just plain weird. “My Brother,” “Pink Panther” and “Plant” made the list for the first time this year. (Have you heard of those?)
Russia Says Canadian Cannabis Legalization Breaks International Law (World – Recreational Cannabis)
Herb (July 9, 2018) Russia has issued an official statement accusing Canada of breaking international legal obligations by legalizing recreational cannabis. The country is calling on the other G-7 nations to respond. The international agreements that Russian officials are referring to include the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961, the Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971 and, most recently, the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1988.
First Church Of Cannabis Says Pot Is A Holy Sacrament, But Court Ruling Is A Buzzkill (IN – Cannabis Activism)
The Kansas City Star (July 10, 2018)  A judge in Indiana has ruled that an Indianapolis church cannot use marijuana as a religious sacrament in a state where pot is illegal. The First Church of Cannabis has been seeking a legal blessing for three years. The church cannot use Indiana religious freedom laws to skirt state and federal laws banning marijuana, Marion County Superior Court Judge Sheryl Lynch ruled on Friday, the Indianapolis Star reported.
Seattle Seniors Choosing Cannabis Over Opioids For Pain (WA – Medicinal Cannabis)
King 5 News (July, 6, 2018) Eighty-year-old Connie Schick uses a cannabis cream for chronic pain after a stroke. Schick said it’s better than using an opioid painkiller, which hurts her stomach and can be addicting. She said even her children think it’s a great idea. The cream she uses contains cannabidiol — or CBD — a non-psychoactive molecule in cannabis. CBD doesn’t make you “high” like THC, which is also found in cannabis.