CCMA Greenbrief LEGISLATIVE ALERT – Sponsored Legislation Takes Critical Step Toward Becoming Law

August 13, 2018

CCMA-Sponsored Legislation Takes
Critical Step Toward Becoming Law

Legislature Approves AB 3069 to Increase Access to Cannabis Education

Today, the California Cannabis Manufacturers Association (CCMA) announced that Assembly Bill 3069, authored by Assemblyman Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove) and sponsored by CCMA, was passed by both the California State Senate and the California State Assembly with bi-partisan support.

Assembly Bill 3069, which also holds support a wide array of industry and community associations, allows training events to be held without specialized event licenses, so long as they meet the stipulated requirements of the bill. It was introduced as a way to remedy the lack of information many in the affected public service posts feel they have regarding the evolving cannabis industry in California.

 “The Legislature’s support of AB 3069 is a sign of the state’s enduring commitment to implement new cannabis laws in a prudent and responsible way, and CCMA is happy to be there to help,” said CCMA president Kenny Morrison. “This bill ensures that those who regulate this quickly evolving industry have access to industry professionals who are knowledgeable about products, laws, trends, and effects of the evolving recreational and medicinal cannabis markets as well as California cannabis businesses.”

In an effort to help better educate some of most important civil servants on the evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, AB 3069 allows cannabis training events to be held for state and local government officials, law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics, child protective services workers, and social workers.

“California’s cannabis laws have changed dramatically in recent years and law enforcement and other public servants must be afforded every opportunity to learn and understand those changes and their effects on our communities,” said Assemblymember Jim Cooper, a former 30-year law enforcement officer. “The Senate’s passing of this bill shows that the Legislature fully understands that reality and is willing to do what’s needed to facilitate those educational efforts.”

The bill will now travel to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown for his signature; the final step before becoming law.


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