CCMA Greenbrief March 5th: CA Considers 58 Cannabis-Related Bills...San Diego Considering Cannabis Equity Participation...Cannabis Legalization Already Relevant in 2020 Primaries... | CCMA

CCMA Greenbrief March 5th: CA Considers 58 Cannabis-Related Bills…San Diego Considering Cannabis Equity Participation…Cannabis Legalization Already Relevant in 2020 Primaries…

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) And Cory Booker (D-NJ) Along With Several Other Democratic Candidates Have Signed On As Co-Sponsors For The Marijuana Justice Act.


“Individuals most likely to gain from this burgeoning industry are those who already have money to invest. A cannabis equity program would provide small business support, mentoring and technical assistance to individuals in disadvantaged neighborhoods to allow them to participate and prosper.”
San Diego Councilman Chris Ward on Cannabis Equity Program Proposal
“For everyone, Prop. 64 contains important sentencing reforms that eliminate or reduce most criminal marijuana offenses. All penalty reductions will be applicable retroactively. Thousands of Californians can petition to have their sentences reduced and hundreds of thousands more may be eligible for criminal record clearing.”
Drug Policy Alliance on Prop 64 Implementation

California Company Launching Program to Help Expunge Cannabis Convictions Under Prop. 64 (CA – Conviction Revocation)

Cannabis Business Times (March 5, 2019) In late February, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón announced that his office would clear more than 9,000 cannabis-related convictions from 1975 to the present. Heally’s Fresh Start program will guide applicants through the expungement process with pro-bono legal counsel.


California Legislature: Lawmakers to Consider Nearly 60 Marijuana-Related Bills (CA – Cannabis Legislation)

Marijuana Business Daily (March 5, 2019) There are 58 bills pending before the California Legislature in 2019 that include the word “cannabis” or “marijuana,” which means the state’s industry could be in for another tumultuous year of big changes. Many of the measures touch on significant industry hurdles, ranging from the lack of banking access to reducing state tax rates to an ongoing debate over statewide MJ delivery.


San Diego Exploring ‘Cannabis Equity’ to Boost Low-Income Participation in Emerging Industry (CA – Cannabis Equity Programs)

The San Diego Union Tribune (March 4, 2019) San Diego Councilman Chris Ward plans to propose a “cannabis equity” program this spring that would aim to give low-income residents in neighborhoods affected by the war on drugs a leg up in opening marijuana businesses in the city. In addition to helping level the playing field, Ward said he plans to propose using revenue from the city’s cannabis tax for youth programs in neighborhoods that were disproportionately affected by the previous criminalization of marijuana.


Marijuana’s Legal, but Legacy of Racist Law Lingers On (CA – Social Equity)

Sacramento Bee (March 4, 2019) Recently, prosecutors in San Francisco, Baltimore and Chicago…committed to not only stop prosecuting marijuana possession, but to also clear decades’ worth of past marijuana-related convictions. Across the criminal justice system, black people are five times more likely to be incarcerated than white people.


Marijuana Legalization is Winning the 2020 Democratic Primaries (USA – Presidential Campaign)

Vox (March 5, 2019) From Cory Booker to Bernie Sanders to Elizabeth Warren, presidential candidates are rallying around legalizing pot. The 2020 presidential campaigns are very much in their infancy, but one clear winner already is marijuana legalization, which has received wide support from the Democratic candidates.


The 3 Top-Selling Marijuana Stocks (USA – Cannabis Investments)

The Motley Fool (March 5, 2019) Marijuana stocks are on fire, and investors are looking closely to see which of the young, hard-working companies that have been the first movers in the cannabis industry have been more successful. We look at the three stocks that have reported the greatest amount of sales over their most recent quarter, along with a look at what’s driving them and what their prospects look like.


Michigan Governor Establishes New Agency to Regulate Marijuana (MI – Cannabis Regulation)

WeedMaps (March 4, 2019) Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer eliminated Michigan’s medical marijuana licensing board March 1, 2019, and folded its functions into a newly created agency, citing “inefficiencies” since the state began more tightly regulating the market. The agency will assume the powers of Michigan’s Bureau of Marijuana Regulation along with the medical marijuana licensing board and an advisory panel.


Guns or Cannabis? Ohio Patients Must Choose. (OH – Cannabis Laws)

Cincinnati Enquirer (March 4, 2019) Federal law prohibits gun purchases or the possession of firearms by illegal drug users or addicts. Federal law, which supersedes state statues, still classifies marijuana as an illegal Schedule 1 controlled substance. Consequently, using or possessing marijuana and firearms at the same time is illegal.


Bankers Are Circling Europe’s Growing Cannabis Market (Europe – Cannabis Investments)

Bloomberg (March 4, 2019) Investors who are eager for the cannabis industry in Europe to emulate the boom in pot-stock listings in Canada may not have much longer to wait, judging by the activities of investment bankers. Firms are laying the groundwork for an expected increase in stock sales and mergers and acquisitions as companies seek to capitalize on Europe’s growing acceptance of cannabis, particularly for medical uses.


VIVO Cannabis Announces Launch of New Online Store (Canada – Cannabis Sales)

New Cannabis Ventures (March 5, 2019) VIVO announced the launch of Canna Farms’ integrated online medical cannabis website today. This newly launched medical cannabis store creates one of the largest online platforms for medical cannabis users across Canada, with an industry-leading offering of brands and products.

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