CCMA Greenbrief November 26th: San Diego Brings In $6.3 Million In Cannabis Taxes For City…Will Craft Cannabis Be The New Future For Farming?…Milpitas Residents Stop Commercial Cannabis Activity…

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Monday, November 26, 2018

With Jeff Sessions Out Of The White House, The Cannabis Industry Is Looking Towards A New Movement


“In an ideal situation, the next attorney general would recognize the rights of states, like Colorado, to responsibly legalize and regulate marijuana and not interfere or even threaten to interfere.”
Colorado Governor-Elect Jared Polis On Jeff Sessions Departure As Attorney General
“One of the interesting effects of federal prohibition is that it prevents any interstate commerce from taking place. So anytime a state legalizes marijuana, it needs to produce marijuana in state, and that’s requiring them to, in essence, create local industries of marijuana producers. In a way, the federal prohibitions alongside state legalization are giving smaller-scale producers a leg up. Once you have prohibition, you’re going to have across-the-country procedures in many different states.”
Ryan Stoa, Professor Of Law At Concordia University, On The Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Business Tax Brings $3.6M In Revenue To San Diego (CA – Cannabis Taxation)

NBC San Diego (November 21, 2018) The city of San Diego has made more than $3.6 million in revenue from the Cannabis Business Tax through the first three quarters of 2018. The CBT currently taxes recreational marijuana sales at 5 percent and it will increase to 8 percent on July 1, 2019. Any time after next July the San Diego City Council can reduce it as low as 0 percent or raise it to a maximum of 15 percent.


San Diego’s Marijuana Supply Chain Taking Shape, But Fierce Battles Under Way For Final Slots (CA – Cannabusiness)

The San Diego Union-Tribune (November 25, 2018) San Diego’s local supply chain for its marijuana dispensaries is quickly taking shape, but approvals for indoor pot farms and edible factories are becoming more contentious as the city nears a cap it set of allowing 40 such businesses. There are many more properties in those areas where marijuana production facilities could meet the city’s zoning and land-use regulations, but the cap will prevent additional facilities from opening.


Marijuana Business Owner Loses Home In California Wildfire Days After Historic Vote (CA – Cannabusiness)

ABC News (November 26, 2018) Days after celebrating a historic vote to legalize marijuana sales in the city, the owners of Malibu’s only cannabis dispensary are now picking up the charred remnants of their life in the wake of the devastating Woolsey Fire. Despite the state legalizing the sale and use of recreational marijuana in January 2018, several municipalities, including Malibu, chose to opt out of allowing the sale of recreational cannabis in their city.


Morally-Outraged Residents Stop Commercial Marijuana Businesses In California City (CA – Local Ordinances)

The Epoch Times (November 23, 2018) With hundreds of protesters jammed into Milpitas City Hall, the city council unanimously approved a complete ban on commercial marijuana in the city on Tuesday, Nov. 20. The original agenda for Tuesday evening’s city council meeting was for the city staff to present their findings and proposals for commercial operations of marijuana business in the city, but the meeting turned into a rally of local residents to express their moral outrage against the cannabis industry.


Marijuana Comes To Coalinga (CA – Cannabusiness)

The Nation (November 21, 2018) Coalinga is the sort of place where people remember when the town got its three traffic lights. But, also like many small towns, Coalinga is struggling. But then, two years ago, the City Council found an unlikely buyer. Ocean Grown Extracts, a medical-marijuana company. However, the real story about marijuana is what happens next: Would this be a welcome change for Coalinga? Or was the promise of marijuana to revive this town overblown?


With Jeff Sessions Out At The Justice Dept., The Marijuana Movement Exhales (USA – Cannabis Industry)

Los Angeles Times (November 25, 2018) He described marijuana as a “very real danger” and has said its effects are “only slightly less awful” than those of heroin. Once, during a drug hearing when he was a Senator, he said he wanted to send a clear message: “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” So when Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions was ousted recently, a collective sigh of relief rose up from proponents of legalized pot — activists, politicians, investors — who felt targeted by the nation’s top law enforcement officer.


Is Marijuana Legalization Economic Salvation Or Hype? (USA – Legalization)

Forbes (November 25, 2018) Marijuana legalization brings the money – there is no doubt about it. Year after year, states that have legalized the leaf have shown that chopping the head off the beast of the black market pot trade can have billions of dollars in economic impact. A couple of studies released over the past week suggest that maybe we haven’t considered every angle when discussing the benefits of marijuana legalization.


Here’s How To Ease The Damage To Your Cannabis Business When Natural Disaster Strikes (USA – Cannabusiness)

Marijuana Business Daily (November 23, 2018) Any business is vulnerable to a natural disaster, be it a flood, hurricane, earthquake or wildfire. The cannabis industry has seen several catastrophic events hit business owners the past two years, forcing them to rebuild their operations from the ground up. What can a cannabis business owner do to rebuild once a company has been ravaged by something beyond its control?


Could Cannabis Be Key To Combat The Opioid Crisis? (USA – Medicinal Cannabis)

Fin Feed (November 23, 2018) Weed’s legal forays began in the medical space as a way to treat chronic pain and anxiety, among other conditions. Today, with the drug showing positive effects on an ever-expanding litany of ailments from epilepsy to cancer, there’s also growing research showing that there are specific constituents in cannabis which may have a profound impact on controlling the addictive effects of opioids, and possibly serving as a treatment for opioid dependence and withdrawal.


Pot Is Edging Out Alcohol And Cigarettes As The Teenage Drug Of Choice. Is That A Good Thing? (USA – Cannabis Consumption)

Pacific Standard (November 26, 2018) Cigarettes and alcohol have long been the preferred gateway drugs for teenagers. And the consequences—particularly for alcohol—have been dire. But as students are waiting longer to try cigarettes and alcohol, the age at which they try pot has held steady. “Alcohol and cigarette use have precipitously declined in adolescent populations for 20 years,” says Katherine M. Keyes, an associate professor of epidemiology at the Mailman School. “Marijuana use has not.”


Why The Future Of Marijuana Farming Could Be Craft Weed (USA – Cannabis Cultivation)

The Verge (November 21, 2018) There are plenty of predictions about how cannabis farming is poised to go corporate, but Big Marijuana is not inevitable. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen. But Ryan Stoa, the author of Craft Weed: Family Farming and the Future of the Marijuana Industry, argues that in a world where cannabis is legal, there is a route for cannabis agriculture to stay sustainable and local.