CCMA Political Greenbrief May 28: Veterans Pushing For Federal Medicinal Cannabis… Emergency Regulations For CA Adult Use Readopted…CA Growers Waiting For Tax Breaks From State…

CCMA Political greenBrief

Monday, May 28, 2018

Assemlymember Tom Lackey Is Still Trying To Fight For Cuts In State Excise Taxes After His Bill Is Ditched By The Assembly

“It’s a win for the illegal market, so of course I’m not happy about that. Until we bring the price difference between legal and illegal markets closer together, I think tax revenues will continue to be struggling.”
Assemblymember Tom Lackey, R-Palmdale, On Reducing CA’s State Excise Taxes
“It is clear that medical research into the safety and efficacy of cannabis usage for medical purposes is timely, necessary, and widely supported by the veteran community.”
U.S. Representative Phil Roe (R-Tenn) On Medical Cannabis Research
Bureau of Cannabis Control Announces Submitting of Proposed Readoption of Emergency Regulations and Public Comment Period (CA – Cannabis Regulations)
California Cannabis Portal (May 25, 2018) The Bureau of Cannabis Control (Bureau) announced today that it has submitted the proposed readoption of emergency regulations for commercial medicinal and adult-use cannabis to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL). Those who wish to comment on the proposed readoption of these emergency regulations must submit their comment directly to OAL within five calendar days of OAL’s posting of the proposed readoption on their website.
High Cannabis Taxes Drive California Consumers Back To The Black Market (CA – Market)
Herb (May 25, 2018) In California, lower than anticipated cannabis tax revenues have prompted Governor Jerry Brown to launch a special investigative team to eradicate black market cannabis cultivators and sellers. Brown will now spend $14 million on a plan to “target illegal cannabis activity with an emphasis on complex, large-scale financial and tax evasion investigations,” according to a statement from the governor’s office.
Year-End Figures For Projected Cannabis Sales In California Drop 50 Percent (CA – Cannabis Revenues) 
KCRCR News 7 (May 25, 2018) Marijuana sales in California are now projected to finish the year 50 percent lower than originally estimated, according to a financial analysis firm called New Frontier Data. The Los Angeles Times reported the firm’s findings on Tuesday, which said total sales are now estimated to reach $1.9 billion. Original projections showed sales would reach $3.9 billion. Experts say the considerable drop in the sales projection is due to competition from the black market, which is fueled by a taxless product. Dispensaries in Eureka aren’t following the same trend, though.\
Lawmakers Ditch Plans To Cut Marijuana Taxes In California After Lagging First-Quarter Revenue (CA – Cannabis Market)
The Californian (May 25, 2018) California lawmakers on Friday shelved a proposal to reduce marijuana tax rates in an effort to help licensed businesses compete with the black market. The sidelining of the proposal came a week after a report found cannabis tax revenue is far below projections. The bill, AB 3157, would have reduced the state excise tax on cannabis from 15 percent to 11 percent and suspended a cultivation tax that charges $148 per pound.
California Spikes Proposed Workplace Marijuana Protections (CA – CAnnabis Legislation)
The Recorder (May 25, 2018) California lawmakers on Friday shelved legislation that would have offered employment protections to qualified medical marijuana users. The bill died without debate in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Advocates had sought to bring California in line with a handful of other marijuana-legal states that require employers to provide reasonable accommodations to medical cannabis users so long as the employees don’t come to work impaired or cause an undue hardship on business operations.
Cali Roots Takes Stage For First Time Since Weed Legalization (CA – Cannabis Events)
KSWB Monterey (May 25, 2018) alifornia Roots in Monterey is a stoner’s paradise, and this year there could be even more people toking up at the reggae music festival. Smoking weed in public is against the law in California even though the sale of cannabis is now legal. Enforcement at the festival has been lax in the past and many concert-goers say recreational weed sales will not make a difference in cannabis use.
California Cannabis Growers And Sellers Will Have To Wait For Tax Break From State (CA – Cannabis Cultivation)
Chron (May 25, 2018) California cannabis growers and sellers will have to wait a bit longer for a tax break from the state. A bill, co-authored by Assemblyman Tom Lackey, that would have suspended cultivation taxes on marijuana for three years and lowered the state excise tax failed in legislative committee Friday.
PTSD & Pot: Veterans Making Memorial Day Push For Legal Marijuana (USA – Cannabis Regulation)
Motley Fool (May 27, 2018) The legal weed industry appears to be budding across North America. Last year, according to cannabis research firm ArcView, in partnership with BDS Analytics, legal weed sales in North America soared by 33% to $9.7 billion. In a decade, forecasts call for more than $47 billion in legal pot sales. This rapid growth, along with growing support for cannabis among the public, is a big reason why investors simply can’t get enough of pot stocks.
House Committee Takes Aim At Public Welfare In Marijuana Dispensaries (USA – Federal Regulations)
Marijuana Moment (May 24, 2018) Low-income families receiving federal financial assistance would be barred from withdrawing those funds at stores that sell marijuana under a bill approved by a key House committee. The JOBS for Success Act is a broader piece of welfare reform legislation, but included inside the bill is a provision that would expand the list of federally prohibited services for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipients. The language is similar to that of previous standalone bills that have been proposed and one that was introduced earlier this month by Rep. David Reichert (R-WA).
Canada Ahead Of U.S. In Cannabis Industry, Snoop Dogg Says In Montreal (USA – CAnnabis Industry) 
CP 24 (May 25, 2018) Canada is more advanced than the United States regarding its approach to cannabis, world-famous rapper and weed entrepreneur Snoop Dogg said Friday to a crowd of hundreds at Montreal’s C2 technology conference. The entertainer lamented that in the U.S., some states such as Colorado and California have legalized weed, while others continue to enforce a strict ban on the product. Cannabis also remains illegal under U.S. federal law.
Medical Marijuana And Its Impact On The Workplace (USA – Federal Legalization)
The Legal Intelligence (May 27, 2018) To date 29 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes.  Some states (i.e., California) have been grappling with the implications of medicinal marijuana use for several years, while others (i.e., Pennsylvania) are just beginning to explore the complicated world of medicinal cannabis and its many tentacles. As a labor and employment law attorney, when it comes to medical marijuana, the question I am most asked is “what does medical marijuana mean for our workplace and/or our drug-testing policies?”
Age Matters When It Comes To Marijuana Use, But Context Matters To Understand Why (USA – Marijuana Use)
The age at which someone first begins smoking marijuana could make a big difference in their future drug use, suggests a new study. But context always matters – and in the case of this research, understanding the context surrounding when someone starts using marijuana is essential to understanding the results. The study analyzed data for 1,030 boys who were part of the Montreal Longitudinal and Experimental Study, a study of kids from low-income white neighborhoods that started in the early 1980s.
Rescheduling Marijuana In The U.S. Could Backfire (USA – Cannabis Industry)
Motley Fool (May 27, 2018) The legal weed industry appears to be budding across North America. Last year, according to cannabis research firm ArcView, in partnership with BDS Analytics, legal weed sales in North America soared by 33% to $9.7 billion. In a decade, forecasts call for more than $47 billion in legal pot sales. This rapid growth, along with growing support for cannabis among the public, is a big reason why investors simply can’t get enough of pot stocks.
The Biggest Anxieties When Getting High (USA – Cannabis Effects)
Civilized (May 27, 2018) We all understand that there are certain anxieties that come with the territory when using marijuana. Sometimes it’s a worry-free experience, when you’re surrounded by friends and everything goes exactly as you planned. But sometimes, things go a little awry, and little creeping worries began entering your subconscious. So we thought it would be fun to make a little chart to show these thoughts. Here are the biggest anxieties when getting high.
Florida’s Ban On Smokeable Medical Marijuana Is ‘Unconstitutional,’ Judge Rules (FL – State Regulations)
Newsweek (May 26, 2018) Florida’s ban on smokable medical marijuana is unconstitutional, a judge ruled Friday. Patients in Florida “have the right to use the form of medical marijuana for treatment of their debilitating medical conditions as recommended by their certified physicians,” Leon County Circuit Court Judge Karen Gievers wrote in her 22-page ruling, according to The Hill.